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There are many diverse ways to “green a meeting.” Here are a couple suggested “green meeting” practices. Many web resources are available, such as this U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/ site.


  • Consider offering Carbon Offset programs to attendees to offset their travel.
  • Ask that attendees return badge holders at the end of the conference.
  • Provide convenient and accessible locations for drop off.
  • Eliminate or reduce paper used for conference agendas and/or programs.
  • Offer materials on-line or on a disk. Communicate and encourage this practice with presenters.
  • Print double-sided and use post-consumer content paper with vegetable or soy ink.
  • Use water fill stations instead of plastic bottles.
  • Use environmentally efficient office equipment on-site.
  • Encourage and/or implement recycling and/or composting within the meeting venue.
  • Serve buffet style meals, rather than individually boxed lunches.
  • Request that venues not place Head Table water at podiums. Instead encourage speakers to bring own water bottles.


  • Choose venues centrally located next to hotels and restaurant.
  • Choose venues accessible by, and encourage, public transportation.
  • If bussing for attendees is required, ask that shuttle companies adhere to idling ordinance.
  • Provide directions to events using various public transportation and bicycle routes.
  • Choose local vendors for products when possible to minimize transport and shipping impact.
  • Ask vendors to utilize local inventories and partners.