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18-24 months before meeting GSA and Mtg Chairs finalize meeting timeline (no changes after this).
12-14 months before meeting Mtg chairs attend the prior years section meeting to start promoting meeting, and to start gathering technical program, workshop, and field trip proposals.

GSA sends out email blast and creates web site to promote the need for techincal program, workshops, and field trips.
8 months before meeting First Announcement due (published in GSA Today and website six months before meeting).
6 months before meeting Abstract submission form opens (through ConfEx [Conference Exchange]).
5 months before meeting Final announcement, with registration info, due (published in GSA Today and website three months before meeting).

GSA sends TPC (cc: Mtg Chair & Sec Secy) the At A Glance summary timetable and the Abstracts link to view what's being submitted.
21 days before abstracts deadline GSA emails session chairs the [link] to their session so they can make sure abstracts are being submitted.

GSA sends email blast to all members to inform of approaching abstract deadline.
14 days before abstracts deadline GSA sends ConfEx login info to TPC, theme and symposia organizers.

GSA reviews with TPC meeting duties and ConfEx operation.
5-7 business days before abstracts deadline GSA sends email blast reminder to section members that abstracts deadline is a week away.
Day before abstracts deadline GSA sends reminder email to session chairs that today/tomorrow is abstract deadline (ONLY if needed).
ABSTRACTS DEADLINE No abstracts accepted after this date.
One day after abstracts deadline:  TPC: Review discipline abstracts and move into appropriate theme session.

TPC: Review theme session counts and decide which sessions to cancel and which need more than one session ie. poster sessions or part II oral sessions (work with GSA).

TPC decides how long session chairs (and then TPC) will have to organize everything.

GSA deletes any incomplete abstracts.

GSA creates "Abstracts Pool" session in theme and symposia (for session chairs to move abstracts to discipline sessions).
1-2 days after abstracts deadline GSA sends organizing instructions to session chairs (reviewed by TPC).

TPC: Decide on length of presentations (15 or 20 minutes) and when poster authors will be present.
5-7 days after abstracts deadline Session chairs finish organizing.

TPC creates discipline sessions as needed; add session chairs to oral discipline sessions (work with GSA).
14-21 days after abstracts deadline TPC finishes organizing program; sends room/date/time/session info to GSA, entered into Confex.

Work out any presentation conflicts & room conflicts.

Front matter for program book due from Mtg Chair.
~ 3 weeks after abstracts deadline GSA emails acceptance/rejection notices about five days before programs are sent to pre-press.

Program sent to pre-press: no changes after this point.

Mtg Chair, Sec Secy, TPC and GSA staff quickly review final program.

Send info on any newsworthy abstracts reports to Christa.

Program book is finalized and printed.

Website updated with all technical program info.

Printed programs sent to meeting site with GSA registration materials before meeting.
4 weeks after abstracts deadline Immediately after meeting; available up to 2 months after meeting. Authors offered opportunity to upload their meeting presentations to GSA abstracts online.