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Pulling together your Technical Program

The technical program is the main reason people will come to your meeting for. It's never too early to start working on the program. Here are some ideas for you:

Electronic Abstract Forms

All abstracts must be submitted electronically through GSA. It is understood that neither the section, nor staff, will edit abstracts.

Organizing Process

It is recommended that sections allow presentations for only those abstracts that have been submitted and accepted.

The Technical Program Chair will be responsible for creating discipline sessions, organizing discipline sessions, and assigning session chairs to the oral sessions. Conveners/Advocates for symposia and theme sessions will be responsible for organizing their own sessions.

The Technical Program Chair will work closely with GSA when organizing the program. Each section meeting will have their own abstracts database created for them. The database is created using information from the first announcement. If a theme session, or symposia session changes after the first announcement, please notify Nancy Wright at so the information can be corrected online.

Technical Chairs should plan on spending an hour on the phone, going through the database information with the GSA. You will be walked through the abstracts database and your duties as Technical Program Chair.

Acceptance/Rejection Notification

Once the program is finalized, GSA electronically notifies all authors on all the abstracts, of the action taken, i.e., whether it was accepted or rejected.

Final Program

The completed technical program is posted online for public viewing.