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Below is a sample copy of the request for registration services by GSA Headquarters. A description of services provided by GSA is listed in this document. This document includes a table specifying the registration services provided by GSA and those required by the section and local committee.

Click here to download the form. This request should be downloaded, filled out, signed, and faxed to William Cox at wcox@geosociety.org.


GSA Meeting Registration

Section Request for Registration Services

A description of services provided by GSA is listed in this document. This document includes a table specifying the registration services provided by GSA and those required by the section and local committee. Please use the link at the bottom of this page to save, update, and print a WORD version of this request form. The document should be filled out, signed, and faxed to William Cox, GSA Sr. Meetings Coordinator, at (303) 357-1072.

Dear Jack,
     The GSA ___________________________________ Section Meeting is scheduled for
____________________________ (Date), _________________________________________________(Meeting Property) in ________________________________________________ (City, State).
     I am writing to request the registration services of GSA staff as described in the following table. As in past years, payment for these services will occur once GSA completes the final reports on the meeting at which time GSA’s Financial Services Department will transfer funds from the Section to Headquarters accounts.

Registration Services
Design of the registration form (consistent for both print and electronic media); receipt of registration forms; processing (including deposit of checks, processing of credit cards); financial reporting; statistical reporting; production and distribution of confirmations; preparation of badges and tickets; preparation of registration packet (badge holder, tickets, miscellaneous registration announcements); on-site registration management.
Registration Fees Amount Payable to GSA
Fee per professional registrant $28
Fee per student, guest, K–12, and complimentary registrant $13
Registration Services Details
GSA Meetings Coordinator To manage the planning and implementation of registration requirements and services (including on-site management)
Pin/Clip Badge Holders/Stock Supplied for all registrants using GSA standard badge stock and holders; special order badge stock and holders can be provided at an additional charge
Confirmations E-mailed, faxed or mailed
Field Trip/Short Course Mailing One Field Trip and Short Course information mailing (for additional information)
Registration Marketing Assistance creating registration marketing/promotional text.
Data Entry Registration data entry (pre and post meeting).
Cancellations and Refunds Cancellations and refunds will be handled based on specified deadlines and guidelines.
On-line Registration On-line registration from GSA's Website, including form set up, processing, and linking to other sites.
Registration Forms Pre-Meeting and On-site registration forms (production and printing)
Committee Support Committee support and communication.
Statistical Reports Statistics using GSA's standard reports will be sent to general chairman on a weekly basis along with a post-meeting report (please allow ample time for final reports).
Financial Reports Financial reporting and audit trails using GSA's standard reports.
Section Support Web site announcements, IT, Media, & Financial service support. GSA Today 1st & 2nd announcements.
Registration Support to be Provided by Section
The following furnishings, materials, supplies, equipment, direct costs and personnel will be provided or paid for by the Section in support of registration services requested from GSA.
Lodging One complimentary hotel room for the on-site GSA Meeting Staff for the duration of the meeting, one night prior to registration opening and one night after registration closes.
On-Site Registration Equipment Up to 6, 6-foot draped tables, 10 chairs, 4 electrical outlets, 1 telephone line. Specific quantities and final floor plan to be determined.
Registration Staff Registration workers (usually student or departmental volunteers) for the duration of the meeting. Specific numbers of workers and schedule to handle peak demand to be determined in consultation with GSA Meetings Coordinator.
Freight and Delivery Charges Shipping, forwarding and handling charges for registration materials sent to the meeting site (GSA pays for return shipment of remaining registration materials).
Postage Postage charges for mailing badges of pre-registered attendees at a per-person rate (Section has the option of mailing or distributing badges on-site).

We look forward to working with GSA staff to produce another excellent Section Meeting!


Section Meeting Chair

Accepted for GSA Headquarters Staff:

John W. Hess, Ph.D., Executive Director
Geological Society of America



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