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Below are some tips for Field Trip Chairs:

  • The field trip chair or chairs should work closely with the conference chair and the rest of the local committee.
  • It is helpful to schedule field trips that tie into a symposium or technical session topic. The scheduling of two complementary events will help to ensure that both events will be successful.
  • Be sure that your contract with a hotel or other conference center does NOT include mandatory use of their box lunches when the lunches will be consumed off-site. This has led to extraordinarily expensive lunches in the past.
  • Leaders should do a complete dry run of their trip before the conference to make sure everything will work out and that roads are open, sites are not under new ownership that will preclude your visit, etc.
  • Budgeting should be done conservatively (with conservative estimates of both revenue and expenses).
  • Know that many of your colleagues really do not enjoy seeing outcrops using headlights.
Stuff that can really happen:
  • Buses being hours late.
  • Leaders being at the wrong meeting spot.
  • Participants being at the wrong spot.
  • Flat tires and no backup vans available.