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Dear GSA Field Trip Participant,
The itinerary for your [YEAR SECTION NAME] Section Meeting field trip is attached. Please read this information carefully to be aware of any last minute changes in dates or times. Also attached is an Individual Information Sheet. PLEASE take a few minutes to fill it out and mail to the Field Trip Leader by [XXX DATE]. Help your leaders make the trip more rewarding for you!

All trips will depart as indicated on the itinerary. For all trips, please check-in approximately 30 minutes prior to departure in order to pick up field trip materials including your guidebook. Vans and buses will depart promptly to meet scheduled stops throughout the course of the trip.

THE CANCELLATION DEADLINE IS [XXXXX]. A request must be RECEIVED in writing, to GSA Headquarters, by this date to quality for a refund. No refunds for requests will be accepted after this date.

If a field trip must be canceled because of logistics or minimum registration requirements, a full refund will be issued to trip registrants as soon as possible after the meeting. Also, please be aware of cancellation deadlines and penalties imposed by airlines. You may wish to change your flight arrangements if a trip you have registered for is canceled. It is a good idea to plan alternatives ahead of time.

If a trip fills, GSA will automatically take up to five people on standby. Those on standby have the option of remaining on standby, canceling with a full refund, or transferring to another trip. Should space become available, the person in first position will be notified immediately, usually by phone. Full refunds will be given to those standby participants who do not make the trip.

Field trips are technical in nature and can be physically rigorous. Some trips may pose possible dangers and hazards. Participants should assume any and all risks involved in connection with a trip; and participants do save and hold harmless The Geological Society of America® from any and all claims, injury, losses, and damages. PARTICIPANTS SHOULD CARRY THEIR OWN MEDICAL AND LIABILITY INSURANCE.

If you become aware of possible poor weather conditions, please contact the FIELD TRIP LEADER at the number listed on the itinerary sheet to see if the trip will be run.

If you have any questions or problems with the trip itinerary, contact one of the field trip leaders listed on the itinerary, or the Registration Coordinator at GSA Headquarters.

Enjoy the field trip!

Meetings Coordinator
GSA Headquarter
(303) 357-xxxx


Please return to Field Trip Leader by: [DATE]
Trip: #[XXX] Leader: [Name]

Name: _________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________
Work Phone: __________________ Home Phone __________________



Sex: Male ________ Female ________

If possible, are there other trip participant(s) you would like to room with? Please supply their name(s).


Do you have any special dietary requirements? i.e. vegetarian, etc.


Most trips involve some walking, sometimes strenuous. Are you in good health? _________________________________________________________

Do you need services to accommodate a disability? Yes __________ No __________
If you answer yes, your trip leader will contact you by telephone for further information.

Name of Medical Insurance:_________________________________________

Insurance Agent:________________________________________________

Policy Number:________________________________________________

In case of emergency during the field trip, please list two people who may be contacted who are not traveling with you.

 Name  Name
 Address  Address
 City, State Zip  City, State Zip
 Telephone Day:  Telephone Day:
 Telephone Evening:  Telephone Evening:
Relationship to You Relationship to You

Signature:________________________________________ Date:______________

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