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If you have questions or would like a schedule created for your meeting, please contact April Leo (, 303-357-1037).

Information for GSA Field Trip Chairs (Volume Editors)

Having GSA prepare field guides for GSA meetings is an optional—but we hope valuable—service for editors and authors. When GSA produces a guide, it will be available for purchase by individuals and libraries in print and online, it will be archived, and it will be registered with CrossRef and GeoRef, making it a citable, findable publication.

All field trip leaders budget $10 per participant ($10 per registration fee) for the production of the field guide. This money goes toward defraying the costs of publication; it does not cover all costs. For those who want GSA to publish their trip guide:

Editor (usually the field trip chair[s]) Responsibilities

Schedule Guidelines

Editors may want more time to review papers. Add time to accommodate any editor or author travel. Add 1–2 weeks to any schedule that includes the Thanksgiving or December holidays.

  Author submissions due: ~4–5 months before meeting
 Peer review of papers: 2–3 weeks
 Author revisions: 2–3 weeks
 Editor review before final decision 1–2 weeks
 Copyediting and author review/corrections: 3 weeks
 Typesetting and author review of page proofs: 3 weeks
 Final corrections; printing (offprints and bound volume): 4 weeks
 Offprints shipped to trip leaders: at least 10 days before meeting