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It is primarily GSA's responsiblity to work with the facilities, and create a contract which works best for you. We ask for your assistance in some of these items, and will be in constant contact with you throughout this process.

Below is a guideline which is helpful when doing a site visit or a walk through.

Meeting Room Layout Guideline
Is room of adequate size for style of set-up.
Does room lend itself to group meetings (no irregularities of design such as posts, mirrors, or other obstructions)?
Can tables and chairs be grouped into required seating arrangements?
(If you have answered "no" to any of the above, better look at another room. Otherwise, continue...)
Are all controls are easily accessible?
If there is a stage, is it adequate size?    Curtains?
Technical: Proper ventilation/air conditioning?
Lighting adequate for writing?
  • Separate controls for separate lights?
  • Spotlights?
Adequate electrical outlets?
Lectern Right style (floor or table)?
  • Right height?
  • Sound controls on lectern?
  • Working reading light on lectern?
  • Place for water?
Acoustics - sound amplifying system needed?
Room walls: Solid?
Windows - do they need to be covered for A/V presentations?
Is room adjacent to outside noise sources, such as:
  Other meeting rooms Kitchen
  Bar Lobby
  Swimming Pool Laundry Room
Will there be other meetings in the facility at the same time? Who?