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GSA Bulletin

ISI Journal Impact Factor
2015: 3.870
5-year: 4.634
Cited half-life: >10 years
#12 in "geosciences, multidisciplinary" category

Description: The GSA Bulletin is the Society's premier scholarly journal, published continuously since 1890. Its first editor was William John (W J) McGee, who was responsible for establishing much of its original style and format. Fully refereed, each bimonthly issue includes 16–20 papers reporting major research in the traditional, documented, research-paper style. Topics cover the entire range of the earth sciences. GSA Bulletin is profusely illustrated with occasional color and large inserts. A "Discussion and Reply" section facilitates dialog among authors and readers.

Archives are also available online from 1890 to present.

Frequency & Formats:


ISI Journal Impact Factor
2015: 4.884
5-year: 4.962
Cited half-life: >10 years
#1 in "geology" category for nine years in a row

Description: Geology, published since 1973, features rapid publication of about 23 refereed short (four-page) papers each month. Articles cover all earth-science disciplines and include new investigations and provocative topics. Professional geologists and university-level students in the earth sciences use this widely read journal to keep up with scientific research trends. The online forum section facilitates author-reader dialog. Includes color and occasional large-format illustrations on oversized loose inserts.

Archives are also available online from 1973 to present.

Frequency & Formats:


ISI Journal Impact Factor
2015: 2.012
5-year: 2.652
Cited half-life: 4 years

Description: Geosphere is a peer-reviewed online journal targeting an international audience with high-quality research results from all geoscience fields. The format encourages extensive use of color, animations, and interactivity. Geosphere’s broad scope and variety of contributions is a refreshing addition to traditional journals.

Frequency & Formats:


ISI Journal Impact Factor
2015: 3.013
5-year: 2.743
Cited half-life: 3 years
#18 in "geochemistry and geophysics" category

Description: Lithosphere, a peer-reviewed journal launched in 2009, focuses on processes that affect the crust, upper mantle, landscapes, and/or sedimentary systems at all spatial and temporal scales. The journal particularly welcomes, but is not limited to, submissions that document the feedback relationships among geomorphic, lithospheric, and upper mantle processes.

Frequency & Formats:

topGSA Today

Google Scholar
Impact Factor
5-year (2009–2014): 21.8
#9 in the geoscience category on the SCImago Journal & Country Rank report.

Description: GSA Today is the Society's science and news magazine published for members and other earth scientists. GSA Today lead science articles are refereed and should present the results of exciting new research or summarize and synthesize important problems or issues, and they must be understandable to all in the earth science community. Issues often feature a "hot-topic" "Groundwork" article — tightly focused papers on issues of import to earth science policy, planning, funding, and education (also refereed). Periodic articles include reports from the GSA-USGS Congressional Science Fellow, Rock Stars biographical features, and news and information about the Society, its activities, and the geological community at large. Managing editor: Kea Giles, .

Frequency & Formats:


Description: In the early 1930s, a generous bequest by Richard Alexander Fullerton Penrose, Jr., allowed GSA to begin publishing books in the Memoir and Special Paper series. Memoirs, first published in 1934, are intended to present thorough, well-illustrated treatments of topics, providing the authoritative reference on a subject for a decade or more. Content is peer reviewed. Volumes are chosen for publication by GSA science editors for their comprehensive coverage of a topic and their lasting value to researchers worldwide. Memoirs have been accepted into the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index. Citations will be counted on the book, chapter, and author levels and will become part of an author’s H index score.

Frequency & Formats:

topSpecial Papers

Description: Special Papers, first published in 1934, were originally developed for articles that were too long to be published in the society’s journal, The Geological Society of America Bulletin. The series has evolved over the years and now includes monographs, symposium-based volumes, and longer, multi-author volumes with dedicated volume editors. Content is peer reviewed. Special Papers present state-of-the-art treatments of rapidly evolving subjects, the results of which may be altered or augmented by subsequent research. Many Special Papers have made lasting and significant contributions to the science, and all are vetted by science editors, who choose proposals and completed volumes that are of high quality and broad interest. A wide range of topics is covered from regions throughout the world. Special Papers have been accepted into the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index. Citations will be counted on the book, chapter, and author levels and will become part of an author’s H index score.

Frequency & Formats:

topReviews in Engineering Geology

Description: GSA Reviews in Engineering Geology volumes, published since 1962, summarize geological theory or present case histories pertaining to engineering practice. This series is produced in cooperation with members of the GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division, who are responsible for selection, supervision of peer review, and acceptance of manuscripts. Reviews in Engineering Geology have been accepted into the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index. Citations will be counted on the book, chapter, and author levels and will become part of an author’s H index score.

Frequency & Formats:

topField Guides

Description: Field Guides of field trips held during GSA annual and section meetings as well as special meetings held in conjunction with other organizations are published under the guidance of experienced scientists who serve as ad hoc volume editors. Content is peer reviewed.

Frequency & Formats:

topMaps and Charts

Description: The map and chart series contains peer-reviewed materials of significant scientific interest in any research field in geology. Examples are geologic maps, gravity and magnetic maps, cross sections, structure sections, bathymetric charts, stratigraphic charts, and classroom or laboratory charts. The materials may have accompanying text and figures, all enclosed in a printed 23 x 30.5 cm (9 x 12 in.) envelope.

Frequency & Formats:

topEnvironmental & Engineering Geoscience (E&EG)

ISI Journal Impact Factor
2015: 0.977
5-year: 0.824

Description: This respected quarterly journal has been published continuously for more than 30 years as the Bulletin of the Association of Engineering Geologists and is co-edited and published jointly with GSA. E&EG contains new theory, applications, and case histories illustrating the dynamics of the fast-growing environmental and applied disciplines.

Please note: AEG members receive this journal as part of their AEG membership and should not purchase it from GSA.

Frequency & Formats:

topAbstracts with Programs

Description: Contains the abstracts of all papers presented at each GSA annual and each section meeting. 2015 marks the last year that GSA will publish an actual hard-copy of the abstracts book, but abstracts will remain available online.

Frequency & Formats:

topGSA Journals on DVD

Description: GSA Journals on DVD, mailed after year end, includes GSA Bulletin, Geology, Geosphere, and Lithosphere. Available in the GSA Store.