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Figures, Photos, and Illustrations

Cover: If your article is accepted for publication, we will want a color illustration (preferably a photograph) for the issue's cover. Cover images should be a minimum of ~3000 × 3200 pixels, preferably 300 dots per inch (dpi) to 600 dpi at full size. The image should be representative of your topic or study area, but should not be a figure already used in the article.

All electronic files of graphics must be submitted separately. Save the files by figure number and extension. The following native formats work best; please make sure that the file is labeled with the correct extension: Adobe Illustrator = .ai; Photoshop = .psd. If you create either .tif or .eps files, they must be 300 dpi for photos (some photos that are 72 dpi are acceptable if they are at least ~3000 × 3200 pixels) and 600 to 800 dpi for figures that include any text or captions. To ensure there will be no accidental changes in text or symbols in your figure, please make all text "outline," which changes it from a font to an image. We can also use Corel Draw = .cdr and Canvas = .cvs files; figures created in any application other than those listed here should be saved as .tif or .eps files.

Electronic files of photographs should be .tif or .eps files (if .jpg, please ensure high resolution and send the original), not compressed, and 300 dpi at full size. Please do NOT send low-resolution.jpg images (less than 1,000 × 1,000 pixels or fewer); while these may look fine on your computer or on a website, they will not have enough dots per inch (dpi) to provide a clear image in print. A simple way to tell if your figure can be used in print is to view it at 200% zoom; if it looks pixelated, blurry, or the text becomes difficult to read, it's not high enough in resolution. GSA Today cannot use graphics created in PowerPoint because it is not a publication graphics program, and graphic files embedded in a Word or PDF document are also not publishable.

There is no charge for color figures, but figures must fit within the first five print pages of the article, so you may want to limit the number of figures or ensure that the last one or two are grayscale.

Contact the Managing Editor:
Kristen (Kea) Giles M.A.
Tel: +1-303-357-1057
fax: +1-303-357-1070
The Geological Society of America
P.O. Box 9140
Boulder, CO 80301-9140, USA