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Editorial Policy, Copyright, and Costs


GSA obtains copyright for all publications. Authors receive a Transfer of Copyright to GSA form to sign and return before GSA publishes the work. Limited permission statements appear on the title page of most GSA publications defining acceptable uses. Requests for copyright permissions not included in those statements should be addressed to Copyright Permissions, , GSA, P.O. Box 9140, Boulder, CO 80301-9140, USA, fax +1-303-357-1070.

Geosphere Editorial Policy
  1. GEOSPHERE encourages submission of articles in all fields of the geosciences. Contributions should be innovative, provocative (or describe a significant advance in the field), timely, and of interest to a broad audience.
  2. Citations to unpublished data are not allowed. Authors are encouraged to provide information that supplements and expands on their published article as supplementary material files. Data presented only in graphs in the manuscript must be placed there. This material is linked to the online journal and included on the GSA Journals on CD-ROM.
  3. Manuscripts are typically sent to at least two reviewers, who are expected to treat the manuscript confidentially. Reviewers may choose to be identified to the authors or to remain anonymous.
  4. The GEOSPHERE editor's decision to accept or reject a manuscript is final.
  5. Authors will not see proofs of their articles before publication. Revised manuscripts will be considered final.
  6. News stories and other reporting about articles in GEOSPHERE should not appear any earlier than the posting of the online journal issue. Upon acceptance, authors are encouraged to send a short description of the paper and its significance, for release to the media.
Page Contributions

As is customary with nonprofit publishers of scholarly books and periodicals, GSA requests its authors and/or their sponsoring institutions to make financial contributions to the GSA publications program. The current request is US$75 per PDF page. Acceptance of a manuscript for publication is not contingent upon payment of a contribution.