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Science Editor Openings | 2016

GSA is soliciting applications and nominations for science co-editors for GSA books, GSA maps and charts, GSA Bulletin, Geology, and Lithosphere with four-year terms beginning 1 January 2016. Duties include: ensuring stringent peer review and expeditious processing of submissions; making final acceptance or rejection decisions after considering recommendations of reviewers; and maintaining excellent content through active solicitation of diverse and definitive manuscripts, books, or maps.

A successful editor will have

Positions Available

GSA Books, 1 position. GSA book editors’ duties include soliciting high-quality book proposals as well as ensuring that proper peer review procedures have been followed by volume editors. In the case of authored volumes, book editors handle the entire peer-review process. The successful candidate will have a wide range of interests and expertise, prior editing experience, and a strong publication record.

Maps and Charts, 1 position. The GSA maps and charts editor reviews proposals for printed and digital maps and handles the peer review of submitted maps (and accompanying manuscripts in some cases). The successful candidate will have a wide range of interests and expertise in mapping techniques and standards.

For the following journal positions, research interests are listed that would best complement those of the continuing editors. (Note that editors may need to handle papers outside of their main areas of expertise.)

GSA Bulletin (1 position): Quaternary geology; geomorphology; volcanology; low-T geochemistry; thermochronology; structural geology; biogeochemistry; geobiology; paleobiology
Geology (2 positions): volcanology; petrology; sedimentology; geochemistry; (paleo)climate/atmosphere/(paleo)oceans; paleontology/geobiology; planetary geology; hydrology; geophysics
Lithosphere (1 position): Quaternary processes; tectonic geomorphology; low-T thermochronology; neotectonics; geochronology; isotope geochemistry

Interested? Please submit a curriculum vitae and a letter describing why you are suited for the position to Jeanette Hammann, To nominate another, submit a nomination letter and the person’s written permission and CV. Editors work out of their current locations at work or at home. GSA provides an annual stipend and funds for office expenses. NEW DEADLINE: Nominations or applications received by 6 March 2015 will be given first consideration.

Future openings (terms beginning January 2017): Geology, 2 positions; Geosphere, 1 position; Lithosphere, 1 position.