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For more than a century, GSA Bulletin has been committed to publishing high-quality research from all areas on Earth. As one of the premier journals in the geosciences, the Bulletin continues to focus on publishing the most definitive, timely and classical-style research papers in all earth-science disciplines. The Bulletin welcomes contributions that are data-rich, mature studies that are of broad interest (i.e. of interest to more than one sub-discipline of earth science) and of lasting, archival quality. These include (but are not limited to) studies related to tectonics, structural geology, geochemistry, geophysics, hydrogeology, marine geology, paleoclimatology, planetary geology, quaternary geology/geomorphology, sedimentary geology, stratigraphy, and volcanology.

The journal is committed to further developing both the scope of its content and its international profile so that it publishes the most current earth science research that will be of wide interest to geoscientists.

Types of Articles

Research articles are presentations of data sets, experimental results, theoretical analyses, or numerical simulations. These thoroughly documented papers should use the scientific method in reaching conclusions and have immediate, far-reaching implications or advance the understanding of a problem or question related to a sub-discipline of the earth sciences. Although no rigid page limit is in place, authors are expected to provide concise text and illustrations that use page space efficiently.

Note: Papers over ten pages incur a mandatory charge of $125/page and there is a mandatory $800 charge for each color page. There is one version of each paper published; figures that are designated black and white will not be printed in color online. Read carefully the subsequent section about costs before submitting a manuscript. The science editors encourage authors to be concise.

Comments and Replies provide a forum in which published papers can be discussed.


Review articles — either scholarly or pedagogical — facilitate communication among scientists from a broad range of disciplines through discussion of recent papers of interest or important advances in a particular field or fields.

Please also read:

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