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publishing workshop
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2015 slide show
What's Your Problem;
What's Your Point?

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GSA Publishing Workshop


“What’s Your Problem? What’s Your Point?” is a one-of-a-kind resource for early-career geoscientists and graduate students preparing their research for scholarly publication. Developed by a team of GSA Science Editors, it’s an indispensable guide to the dos and don’ts of publishing your manuscript, including:

Please see information about the workshop at the GSA 2016 Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, USA.

This workshop made its debut at the 2013 Annual Meeting in Denver and has gone on to be a staple offering at GSA meetings.

Praise for the 2015 Workshop

"Workshop was excellent...Every student should have an introduction to publishing like this one."

"Great workshop overall. I learned a lot even if I've been publishing for several years."

"This was perfect for understanding the process of publication. I didn't really understand how/what to do before this."

"Time well spent for this first-time GSA participant."

"Very helpful, thank you for doing this!"

"Appreciated that it was informative, funny, and approachable."

"The entire workshop was great. I wish I had this years ago. Thank you!"

"Every aspect was great!"

"I found the workshop well organized. Thanks! I learned a lot."

"Great structure and content. Provides a good idea of how papers are reviewed and the process in which to publish."

"Excellent workshop which provided very relevant and useful info to me as a future first-time author. Very motivated and animated speakers."

"I thought it was greatly informative and I really valued the input from the editors."

"This is an amazing resource! I just got my B.A., but am fortunate enough to have done a lot of (amazing!) research so far and for someone like me/at my level without a clue of how publishing works, this workshop has provided so much more information than I could have ever hoped to find anywhere else. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

"This workshop was the highlight of GSA for me!"