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6 May 2009
GSA Release No. 09-24
Christa Stratton
Director of Education, Communication, & Outreach
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Geoscientists Meet to Discuss Cordilleran Geology

Geological Society of America hosts regional meeting in Kelowna, British Columbia, 7-9 May

Geoscientists are gathering for the 105th Annual Meeting of the Cordilleran Section of the Geological Society of America, being held 7-9 May 2009 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. The Earth and Environmental Sciences Program at the University of British Columbia—Okanagan is hosting the meeting.

The technical program, presented by academic and industry scientists, and graduate and undergraduate students, will highlight cutting-edge scientific research in themed and general discipline sessions.

Technical Session Highlights

Other Themed Sessions include:

View the complete technical program at


Best known for its lakes, ski hills, and vineyards, Kelowna is also in the middle of a geologic paradise. Field trips will include destinations to regions exhibiting extension, compressional, and volcanic processes. The accessible geology includes Proterozoic basement complexes, Eocene and Miocene volcanic-plutonic complexes, and Quaternary glacial and deglacial landforms and sediments. Kelowna is also within a few hours’ drive of the Burgess Shales area.


Complete meeting information is available at

Information on registration is available at
Information on lodging is available at


Eligibility for media registration is as follows:

Complimentary meeting registration covers attendance at all technical sessions and access to the exhibit hall. Journalists and PIOs must pay regular fees for paid luncheons and any short courses or field trips in which they participate. Representatives of the business side of news media, publishing houses, and for-profit corporations must register at the main registration desk and pay the appropriate fees.

For additional information and assistance with media registration, contact Christa Stratton, GSA Director of Communications, +1-303-357-1093, .