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News Release September 4, 2002
GSA Release No. 01-41
Contact: Christa Stratton

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2002 Annual Meeting


The Geological Society of America 2002 Annual Meeting: "Science at the Highest Level"

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(2) Highlights

Presentations at "Denver 2002: Science at the Highest Level" range from the geomorphic effects of wildfire to the evolution of the Rocky Mountains to early Mars - and everything in between. Numerous topics with public policy implications include hydrogeology and water resources, challenges in the national problem of high level radioactive waste disposal, including Yucca Mountain, and the role of earth sciences in fostering global equity and stability. The meeting also reflects GSA's continued commitment to Earth system processes and integrative science; a number of sessions bring geoscience together with biology, ecology, medicine, and other scientific disciplines.

Click on the links below to view a sampling of sessions and abstracts. To view all symposia and sessions, as well as speakers and their abstracts, visit

Earth Sciences Challenges in the National Problem of High-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
Yucca Mountain Update: Recent Advances from Scientific Investigations of the Unsaturated Zone
Sponsored by US Department of Energy-Yucca Mountain Project
Evolution of the Early Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Biosphere: Constraints from Ore Deposits
Sponsored by Society of Economic Geologists, Geochemical Society, NASA Astrobiology Division
Paleobiogeography: Integrating Plate Tectonics and Evolution
Sponsored by Paleontological Society and GSA Geobiology and Geomicrobiology Division
Developing Perspectives on the Ecological Context of Biological Evolution Across the Neoproterozoic-Cambrian Transition
Sponsored by Paleontological Society and GSA Geobiology and Geomicrobiology Division
There and Back Again: Terrestrial Approaches to Extraterrestrial Problems
Sponsored by GSA Planetary Geology Division
Early Mars
Sponsored by GSA Planetary Geology Division
Feedback in Earth Systems: Determining System Response to Perturbation Through Observations and Modeling
Human Health Sciences and Geosciences: Bridging the Gap
Geomorphic Impacts of Wildfire
Sponsored by GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division, GSA Engineering Geology Division, International Association of Wildland Fire
Groundwater Depletion and Overexploitation: A Global Problem
Sponsored by GSA Hydrogeology Division; International Association of Hydrogeologists
The Role of the Earth Sciences in Fostering Global Equity and Stability
Sponsored by GSA International Division, U.S. National Committee for the Geological Sciences, U.S. National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics

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