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•  Interested person who does not have a degree in geology or related field.
Neither professionally trained nor employed in geology or related field (i.e., any physical or biological sciences, or other disciplines such as engineering, or geography).
Not currently studying such science at the collegiate level.


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Earth-science enthusiasts at Arches National Park


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GSA's Annual Meeting attracts more than 6,000 attendees to participate in a high energy science exchange. Field trips, technical sessions, exhibits, networking opportunities, and short courses offer something for everyone. GSA Section Meetings present similar experiences at a more intimate regional level.

Join any number of GSA's 18 Specialty Divisions for more focused opportunities. Selections include: Geoscience Education, Structural Geology & Tectonics, and History and Philosophy of Geology; to name a few.

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GSA Connection — This monthly e-publication contains news and items of interest to members.
GSA Today — This enduring science and news magazine features a hot topic science article, member news, and classifieds. Members in countries other than “high income” receive GSA Today online.
GSA Journals
Geology — The most cited and widely read earth science journal; with more than 20 thought provoking articles each month.
GSA Bulletin — Earth science journal publishes classical-style research papers in all disciplines.
Geosphere — E-Journal covers all geoscience disciplines in a medium that accommodates animations and sound.
Lithosphere — Print and online journal focusing on tectonic processes at all scales that affect the crust and upper mantle.
Environmental & Engineering Geoscience (co-published by AEG and GSA)
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