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Read Science Magazine's report on ESP2 in the 26 August 2005 issue, vol. 309, pp. 1320-1321.

  • Research by Chenet et al. on dating of the Deccan traps and implications for the demise of the dinosaurs, received worldwide coverage. Outlets included Science Now, Geotimes, Science and Children, Science Daily, Canadian Broadcasting Company, NGS Geonieuws (Netherlands), Yahoo! News India, and numerous French media outlets.
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  • Evidence reported by Osinski (Canadian Space Agency) et al. linking meteor impacts to stimulation of microbial life on Earth was reported by Reuter's news service, United Press International, several public radio broadcasts, Science Daily, Yahoo! News, CNN, and other outlets.
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  • A study of hurricane records discovered in the rings of southeastern US pine trees by Mora et al. (University of Tennessee) was reported widely in the science press and highlighted on NASA's Earth Observatory web site.
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