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Sign up as a student volunteer, then register for the meeting as a student volunteer so you don’t have to pay the meeting registration fee in advance. Credit card information is required when you sign up as a volunteer, and will be used only if you don’t work the required 10 hours (US $109 charged) or if you fail to cancel by 24 October (US$30). The registration fee cannot be pro-rated if you work less than 10 hours.

In addition to free registration if you work 10 hours, you will also receive one US$25 stipend for each 5 hours worked. If you work 15 hours, in addition to receiving free registration and three US$25 stipends, you will also receive an Abstracts with Programs.

Due to IRS regulations, the stipend cannot be pro-rated. If you have a U.S. Social Security Number, it must be provided.

Minimum Work Requirements
# Hours Worked Complimentary Items Stipend

Less than 10 hours


US$25 if you worked 5 hours

10 to 14.75 hours

Meeting Registration


15 hours

Meeting Registration and the Abstracts with Programs volume


View the Job Descriptions to help make your selections. To accommodate everyone who wants to participate as a student volunteer to earn complimentary meeting registration, no more than 15 work hours per volunteer are allowed.

Specific schedules are listed with each work assignment. You must work the full shift as listed for each position. Many positions have been broken down into 3- and 4-hour shifts so it is possible to work multiple shifts on the same day. Please be sure to allow yourself ample time for lunch, breaks, to attend sessions, and to get from one assignment to another.

Students who do not check-in, or who miss any assignment, will have all remaining assignments given to other volunteers at the discretion of the Student Volunteer Coordinator, and your credit card will be charged the US$109 registration fee (or the US$30 cancellation fee if you do not come to the meeting).

If you have any change in plans that will cause you to miss or be late any assignment, as soon as possible click on the "Edit Work Schedule" link in the table above and email (or notify us in the Student Volunteer office).

Check in and pick up your badge, assignment list, Program book, and other materials at the Student Volunteer Office upon arrival. Do not go to the main on-site or advanced registration. The Student Volunteer Office location and hours are noted on the General Info page.

Please dress neatly. This is a good opportunity for you to present yourself in a professional manner when meeting potential employers and colleagues. For exceptions (set up/take down jobs, etc.), see the job descriptions.