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Student Volunteers

All student volunteers must understand and speak English well. Volunteers should dress neatly and wear comfortable shoes (exceptions below). Good customer service is critical.

Job Descriptions 2011
Advanced Registration Desk Assistant

This position is responsible for handing out badges, programs, and answering meeting related questions from arriving registrants. This is a fast-paced job that requires you to interact effectively with attendees in order to meet their needs.

Advanced Registration Desk Lead

This is a lead position in charge of supporting advanced registration staff by: keeping Program books, Abstracts with Programs, and Abstracts on CD-ROM stocked at each station; answering FAQ's from attendees; keeping aisle behind desk clear of empty boxes and waste; recycling cardboard, paper, and plastic; liaison to badge reprint staff member.

Candidates for this position should have experience working well in a fast-paced, customer service environment. It's essential that you be able to own your voice and effectively assist attendees in need of badge corrections, directions inside the convention center, and other frequently asked questions.


Alternates may be assigned a wide variety of positions to fill in those positions when volunteers miss assignments. Alternates are encouraged to bring course work or reading materials with them for idle periods. Alternates are strongly encouraged to attend one of the Presentation Coordinators Training Sessions which are offered Saturday through Tuesday from 12:15 to 1:15 p.m.

Annual Meeting Office Runner/Hotel Annual Meeting Office Runner

Must be a pleasant, helpful person to answer phones and questions from walk-in attendees. A quick learner and able to make simple decisions and handle the unexpected. Must work well with others and will be required to run errands, deliver signs, and check meeting rooms. Additionally, you will assist the office manager as needed for any requests.

Badge Monitor

This position involves making sure attendees have a current badge, with a new watermark, and that people entering the Technical Sessions have a badge. Students signing up for this position need to feel comfortable directing people to register for the meeting if they do not have a current badge.

Bookstore Set-up/Tear down

Heavy lifting of boxes off of skids onto tables per the direction of GSA Bookstore staff and floor plans. Must be organized and able to work independently and quickly after receiving instructions. Must be able to lift boxes weighing between 25 and 50 pounds. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes suitable for lifting, carrying, standing on cement floor, etc. Saturday will be a full day; break for lunch on your own.

Division/Section Poster Assistant

Help set up display panels. Bending, reaching and lifting of panels per direction of GSA staff. May need to use a ladder. Must work quickly, independently and highly accurately. Wear comfortable clothes.

Early Registration Desk Assistant

This position is responsible for handing out badges to Early Registration meeting attendees. This is a fast-paced job that also requires you to restock tables with meeting programs.

Employment Service Center Assistant

Excellent customer service skills, be able to make simple decisions, and be a quick learner. A pleasant, outgoing personality is preferred. The day will entail registering employers, answering questions from employers and candidates seeking jobs, posting jobs, and directing employers and candidates to their interview booths. Lunch will be provided.

Exhibitor / GSIF Check-In

This position requires inserting badges into badge holders for distribution to school representatives and exhibitors and directing them to their booth space in the exhibit hall. This is a fun, fast-paced job that requires good teamwork skills. Previous experience with laser printers is a plus.

Field Trip Helper

Help check in field trip participants and hand out material. Transport guidebooks from storage area to departure areas. Must be in good physical condition and be able to lift boxes weighing between 25 and 40 pounds. Being on time (early a.m.) for scheduled shift is very important. Neat appearance is required, but jeans and comfortable shoes are appropriate.

Foundation Assistant

Assist with unloading of the Foundation's crates in the Foundation's Booth; bend, lift, and carry heavy boxes; assist with the set-up and processing of items for the Foundation's Silent Auction, as well as packing up left-over auction items at the close of the meeting; assist with dismantling the Foundation's Booth at the close of the meeting.

Headquarters Poster Set-up/Tear Down

Some lifting, reaching, and bending to hang display panels per directives of GSA staff. Must be a perfectionist about hanging things straight, able to work independently and quickly after receiving instructions. Wear comfortable clothes suitable for lifting and working on the floor (rolling and unrolling posters).

Poster Hall Set-Up

Tack signs to poster boards; place 50 power strips throughout the poster hall; other light-duty tasks for setup.

Presentation Coordinator Training

All Technical Session presentation coordinators must take this training (Saturday, 3-4 p.m.; and Monday and Tuesday, 12:15-1:15 p.m.) before their first scheduled presentation coordinator position. Alternates are strongly recommended to also take this training. One hour of training is credited toward your total number of volunteered hours.

Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony

Greeters will hand out programs prior to the ceremony.

Program Assistant (Geology in Government and Geology in Industry)

Place paperwork on tables and assist with set up, help generate an audience by directing people toward the program, and facilitate seating of attendees. During the program, index cards will need to be collected from attendees and delivered to the panel of mentors. Evaluation forms will need to be collected. Lunch will be provided.

Registration Ambassador

Ambassadors help attendees register in a quick, efficient manner by providing badge holders and programs to attendees who registered early and have their badges in hand. Ambassadors will also direct attendees to other areas of the convention center as requested. An outgoing personality and willingness to assist attendees by giving directions and answering questions is strongly encouraged.

Registration Greeter

Stand near convention center doors to direct people to registration and other GSA areas of the meeting. Clean and neat clothing required; comfortable shoes suggested for two hours of standing. An outgoing personality and willingness to assist attendees by giving directions and answering questions is strongly encouraged.

Registration Print Monitor

This position requires inserting badges into badge holders for distribution to on-site meeting registrants. This is a fun, fast-paced job that requires good teamwork skills. Previous experience with laser printers is a plus.

Registration Runner

This position includes running errands for GSA staff, keeping registration materials stocked and in order, and may require lifting up to 25 pounds. The registration runners will need to familiarize themselves with the Convention Center map.

Registration Setup

This position will assist in unpacking crates and boxes prior to the start of the meeting. May be required to lift up to 50 pounds. Running errands and deliveries to Headquarters Hotels may be required. Jeans/work clothes and work gloves are suggested.

Registration Tear Down

This position assists with packing crates and boxes, recycling waste, and loading pallets for shipping. You may be required to lift up to 40-50 pounds. Jeans/work clothes and gloves are suggested.

Short Course Assistant

Excellent customer service skills. Each Assistant will be assigned to one short course. The day will entail helping to set up classrooms, making sure all attendees have registered, passing out paperwork, and ensuring that all AV and catering arrive when needed. Lunch will be provided.

Speaker Ready Room Assistant

Assist with directing people through the process of the Speaker Ready Room. Students must be knowledgeable with computers and have Mac, PC, Powerpoint, and PDF experience.

Student Volunteer Office Assistant

Answers questions from student volunteers and staff (often in absence of Student Volunteer Coordinator), so excellent customer service skills are required. Must be able to deal effectively with many people/problems at once without getting flustered. A quick learner, with good judgment to decide whether you can help someone now or must ask them to return later. Variety of clerical tasks (so prior office experience is required); also run errands, check meeting rooms; and fill in for absence volunteers.

Technical Program Manager Assistant

This position is to “shadow” the GSA Technical Program Manager around the convention center. Duties may include, but are not limited to, technical room setup; changing signs; run errands.

Technical Session Presentation Coordinator

Must attend one Presentation Coordinator Training session prior to serving in this job (Saturday, 3-4 p.m.; and Monday and Tuesday, 12:15-1:15 p.m.). Show up to the assigned technical session at least 15 minutes early. Introduce yourself to the Session Chairs and let them know that you are the “go-to” person should there be any glitches with the equipment. In the session room is a list of responsibilities you share with the session chairs.

Ticket Taker

Take tickets from attendees. Duties may also include selling tickets to attendees, helping with crowd control and seating arrangements, using people counters, facilitating Q&A with portable microphones; and collecting evaluation forms at end of an event.


In coordination with GSA Communications staff, interview presenters and record short audio podcasts and/or video clips for the purpose of linking to interesting meeting content from the GSA website, social media sites, or PowerPoint presentations. Flip video camera or digital recording device will be provided. Must have good communication skills and know how to ask open-ended questions; strong desire to learn from others and to satisfy your own curiosity about a topic (and get it on video); familiarity with how to use a variety of hand-held video devices, including how to frame a picture, and be able to hold the camera steady or use with a tripod; maintain accurate records of each shoot (date, time, subject, speakers’ full names and affiliations, video/audio ID number).