Event Planning Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for the room rental fee for my events?
You must make your payment with a credit card at the time when you reserve space.
I did not plan an event last year. How do I get started?
You must first submit a request for space through the online space request system. There are five steps to complete the space request process.
  1. Set up — basic information on the name of your event, type of event, host organization and any sponsors
  2. Services — your preferred date, time, room set, expected attendance, and any other requirements for your meeting
  3. People — the contact information for the event planner from your organization and the on-site contact from your organization. The majority of the time the event planner and the on-site contact are the same person from your organization.
  4. Submission Fee — you provide method of payment for the space request fee
  5. Confirmation — you review all the information you entered and then submit for processing. Once you complete this step you will automatically receive an e-mail confirmation with instructions on how to access your space request entry. You can then go back and make changes or update until the 7 June deadline date.
In July we will assign a location/room for all space requests received and send you an e-mail confirmation.
I want to order audio visual and catering. How do I do that?
Audio visual equipment and catering cannot be ordered until we have assigned your meeting to a specific location. We will notify you once your event has been assigned a location (we assign space in mid to late July — see key dates chart for more specific info). At that time we will give you detailed instructions on how to order any AV or catering. Please note: We have menus on our Web site for both the convention center and the hotel. Please refer to these to get an idea for budgeting.
When and where is the Group Alumni Reception?
The Group Alumni Reception will be held on Monday, 10 October, from 7:00 p.m.–9:30 p.m. at the Hilton Minneapolis.
What is included in the Group Alumni fee?
Your school's name will appear in the Program and on alumni flyers, and will also appear on a sign T in the ballroom. Cash bars will be also be available in the ballroom during the event.
What is the difference between the Group Alumni Reception and a Private Alumni Reception?
The Group Alumni Reception is held at the Hilton Minneapolis with many other schools allowing people to co-mingle. Cash bars are provided throughout this room. Private Alumni Receptions are for schools that wish to have a separate location and room for their event. The school would be responsible for providing either a cash bar or hosted bar, along with any other food they may wish to have. Almost all alumni events occur on Monday night of the Annual Meeting.
I want to list an event in the Program, but do not need any meeting space. How should I proceed?
For a program listing only you still need to complete the online space request form. There is a check box where you indicate your event is an off-site event that is to be listed in the program. In the comments section provide the location, date, start and end time for your event.
For instructions on how to complete the space request form, see Question #2 above.
I want my event to follow a specific Technical Session, but I do not know when the session is scheduled. What do I do?
Please note in the comments field that you want your particular event to follow a technical session (please be as specific as possible on what session you want the event to follow). The online form will make you select a date; please select ANY date and we will adjust it once the technical program is finalized in August.
I have already submitted an event, but need to submit another. How do I do this?
To submit another event you should go to the online space request form and enter the information for the additional event(s). Our system will automatically group all events for a particular event planner together.
For instructions on how to complete the online space request form, see Question #2 above.
What does my space request fee cover?
GSA will provide the meeting room, signage outside the meeting room, listing in the GSA Program and Web site, and pre-meeting and on-site meeting management.
When will I find out where my event is located?
Click here to see the Key Dates Calendar.
Why aren't events requesting technical session space at the convention center assigned until mid-August?
The technical program is not finalized until August. Until all technical sessions are determined, events cannot be placed until the exact ending times, and location of each session has been determined.
What is the difference between a cash bar and a host bar?
Cash Bar: Attendees purchase their individual drinks. Typically, the host pays a bartender fee or has a minimum purchase amount that has to be met. If the minimum purchase amount is not met, additional fees may apply.

Host Bar: The attendees do not pay for their drinks and the host of the event is billed for drinks consumed. You can be specific as to the types of drinks you want served (i.e. beer/wine only, keg beer, full service bar, etc.)

Combo Host/Cash Bar: You can provide a combination of a host and cash bar by providing drink tickets to attendees (and be billed for these drinks), provide keg beer as host only with all other drinks on a cash-basis, provide beer/wine only as hosted with all other drinks on a cash-basis, or any other number of combinations. These are just a few examples.
What do I need to do if I need to cancel my event?
You will need to contact Becky Sundeen ( ) and let her know of your intent to cancel. Please see the cancellation policy for deadlines and penalties.
I need to change/edit my event. How do I do this?
Prior to the 7 June deadline: Please keep your e-mail confirmation that has the event ID, password, and link for your submission. You will be able to access your submission from the link provided in your e-mail confirmation. Each event submission will have its own confirmation e-mail and Web link. Please note the e-mail confirmation will come from: gsaatconfex.com.
After the 7 June deadline or for any changes that change the space request fee: You will need to contact Becky Sundeen, Meetings Manager, , to make edits/changes. Items that change the fee include the number of attendees, type of event and the number of days the event lasts.

If you still have questions about event planning,
contact Becky Sundeen at GSA, +1-303-357-1041, .