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Symbiosis and Global Change in Ancient and Modern Earth Systems

Tues., 2 Nov., 1:30–5:30 p.m.
Laurie Anderson, Annette Summers Engel
Sponsored by Geochemical Society, Paleontological Society, GSA Geomicrobiology & Geobiology Division

Symbiosis is the obligate association of two or more distinct species. Symbiosis has played a significant role in biological evolution, ranging from evolutionarily basal (organelles) to derived associations (e.g., fungal/plant consortia in tree roots; cellulose-digesting microbes in ruminant gut flora). New associations are continually discovered, with chemosymbiosis being among the most intriguing systems. Throughout earth's history, symbiotic associations have profoundly enhanced geochemical and geomorphologic change. This session will highlight important topics in modern to ancient symbiotic associations, framing research in the interdisciplinary context of biological, geological, and geochemical evolution of earth systems.


Paleontology, Diversity, Extinction, Origination; Geomicrobiology; Geochemistry, Organic


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