Special Tours

Guest Program

Guest Hospitality Suite

Sun.–Wed., 31 Oct.–3 Nov., 8 a.m.–5:30 p.m.

GSA’s Guest Hospitality Suite includes complimentary seminars, light food and beverages throughout the day, a welcome gift, and the President’s guest breakfast. A hostess will be on-hand to assist you with questions regarding restaurants, activities, and attractions, as well as offer general information about Denver.

As a registered guest, you are welcome to attend your companion’s technical session(s), and you will also have admittance to the exhibit hall. In addition, you have the opportunity to sign up for professional field trips (additional fees apply) or attend open lectures. See field trip 415 which is designed especally for families.

Complimentary Guest Seminars

Guest Hospitality Suite, 10–11 a.m. daily

Sunday, 31 Oct.: Jewelry by Beth Finesilver
Beth Finesilver, a well-known jewelry artisan from Denver, will join us for an interesting, comprehensive, and spirited presentation on the many facets of her jewelry business—from the first glimmer of an idea all the way through to the marketing of her product. She will share her thoughts on design and the gemstones she uses in her beautiful creations. Finesilver’s jewelry is sold in museum shops, boutiques, and galleries across the country. She has a BFA in graphic design and marketing and owned Finesilver Designs, a full-service advertising agency, prior to creating her jewelry design business 18 years ago.
Monday, 1 Nov.: Flute & Storytelling
Eric “Many Winds” Herrera’s heritage includes Blackfeet Indian, European Hispanic, and German. As a musician, his talents span brass, string, percussion, and flute instruments. Herrera will delight you with traditional Native American storytelling accompanied by the beautiful sounds of the flute. Each musical piece conveys a story, whether for courtship, celebration, spiritual intent, or to honor someone’s memory.
Tuesday, 2 Nov.: Birds of Prey
The Birds of Prey Foundation, based in Boulder, Colorado, cares for about 400 orphaned and/or injured birds each year and is ranked among the five best facilities in the United States. This presentation will include a live raptor, and guests will learn about various species of raptors and their recovery, behavior, and natural history. The seminar will also cover ecology, habitat, environmental issues, wildlife medicine, rehabilitation, endangered species, and ethics.
Wednesday, 3 Nov.: Halfway to Heaven
Mark Obmascik received the National Press Club Award for Environmental Journalism in 2003, was a lead Denver Post writer for its 2000 Pulitzer Prize content, and is author of Halfway to Heaven: My White-Knuckled—and Knuckleheaded—Quest for the Rocky Mountain High. Each year, more than half a million people try to climb a “fourteener” (a mountain reaching at least 14,000 feet above sea level), but only 1,300 have reported standing atop all 54 of Colorado’s highest peaks. Obmascik will share his efforts to conquer a looming mid-life crisis by successfully climbing all Colorado’s fourteeners in one year and the insight he gained into the quirky, colorful subculture of mountaineering obsessives who summit these mountains year after year.


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