Trips During the Meeting

426. Portland Geology by Tram, Train, and Foot
Mon., 19 Oct. US$35. — FULL
Leader: Ian P. Madin, Oregon Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries.
This trip will take participants on a brief tour of the geology of Portland by foot, light rail, and aerial tram. We will review the regional and local geologic setting and visit outcrops of most of the local units, including Columbia River Basalt flows, Missoula Flood deposits, and a late Quaternary volcano within the city limits. The field trip guide and a companion KML-based version will allow conference participants to self-guide the trip at their convenience if they cannot attend at the scheduled time.
427. Kirk Bryan Field Trip: Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology of the Columbia River Gorge
Tues., 20 Oct. US$75 (L, R). — FULL
Cosponsored by GSA’s Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division. Jim O’Connor, USGS-Portland; Scott Burns.
The Kirk Bryan field trip of the Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division will visit classic locations in the Columbia River Gorge, where Lewis and Clark, James Dwight Dana, John Strong Newberry, Clarence Dutton, G.K. Gilbert, and J Harlen Bretz paved the way for discovery of some of Earth’s largest floods, lava flows, and landslides. We’ll visit sites of past and current research, including work on the 15,000 year old Missoula Floods, the 550 yr B.P. river-blocking Bridge of the Gods landslide, and the November 2006 debris flows from Mount Hood—all while traveling in a tremendous gorge cut through an active volcanic arc.








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