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Guest Seminars

As part of GSA’s Guest Program, we offer the following seminars in the Guest Hospitality Suite at the Convention Center. In addition to these seminars, we will provide light snacks and refreshments, special giveaways and drawings, and have a local expert on restaurant and activities in the Portland area on hand to answer your questions.



All seminars are scheduled for 10:00–11:00 a.m.

Sunday, October 18 — School Days

Become immersed in a typical day at a pioneer one-room school house. What was the school building like? Who were the teachers in these schools? How did students learn, how were they disciplined and rewarded? School rules form an 1872 classroom are shared along with a variety of interesting stories. A collection of artifacts and replicas, including dip pens and ink, slates, a school bell, McGuffy readers, and handmade toys help us explore and answer these questions.

Monday, October 19 — Lewis & Clark

When Lewis and Clark pushed their boats into the Missouri River in May of 1804, they changed history forever. The Corps of Discovery was assembling to mount an expedition for science but there were no scientists on the roster! We will discuss the reason fro this and the contributions made to science by this unlikely but innovative group. An examination of methods and tools of discovery then and now will bring home the phenomenal nature of their achievements. We will also become acquainted with some of the Native American tribes who helped the expedition, and the landscapes in which they lived.

Tuesday, October 20 — Chinook: Master Traders of the Northwest

The “Wapato Lowlands” — the region on the lower Columbia River with Sauvie Island at its heart – was once one of the richest and most densely settled areas north of Mexico. It was a hub of trade and a crossroads where diverse cultures from the region intersected. Families journeyed annually to the lower Columbia to gather wapato, fish for salmon, trade, and find marriage partners. The audience will learn about everyday life in the Chinook culture.

Wednesday, October 21 — On the Oregon Trail & Pioneer Life

Using excerpts from a fictional pioneer woman’s diary, we journey with a family as they prepare to leave Indiana, headed for the Oregon Territory. We discuss what items people took with them and what may have been left behind. A collection of artifacts and replicas helps t illustrate life on the trail and the daily perils that pioneers faced. Women, especially, were the journalists of pioneer travels, and their unique perspective is heard in this retelling. The degree of skill and perseverance needed to thrive in a new land and the toils of daily life are vividly illustrated as we examine common, everyday tools of pioneer life.


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