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The Subaru Outdoor Life Keynote

Rocks & Ropes — Adventure Tales from a Climbing Geologist

Jim Davidson
Jim Davidson. Photo courtesy Jim Davidson and

Monday, 6-7 p.m.
Colorado Convention Center, Room 601

Speaker: Jim Davidson

Experience gripping adventure and survival tales from mountain-climbing geologist Jim Davidson. You will hear how 25 years of science and climbing have led Jim on adventures from the Andes to Alaska and from the Appalachians to the Himalayas. In addition to being an international expedition leader, Jim has successfully rescued other high-altitude climbers and barely survived his own life-threatening epic climb. His incredible survival story will leave you stunned.

Jim will entertain you with his compelling images and stories, while sharing some humorous insights into climbing, geology, and the rewards of an outdoor life. Both as an environmental geologist (B.S. from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst; M.S. from Colorado State University) and a professional speaker, Jim has spoken to hundreds of audiences (see

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