Invite a colleague

… to join you in attending the 2007 GSA Annual Meeting in Denver.

Just copy and paste this message into an e-mail to your colleagues.
Feel free to tailor it to work best for you, and don't forget to insert the names.

Dear [ insert name ]

I'm an active member of The Geological Society of America, and am planning to attend the 2007 annual meeting in Denver, to be held at the Colorado Convention Center, 28-31 October 2007. The technical program promises to be very exciting, and I think you would also enjoy the scientific exchange. I'd like to invite you to register and attend the meeting.

To give you some background, GSA is a broad, unifying scientific society with 20,700 members. (Visit for more on the Society.) We expect 6000+ geoscientists representing all disciplines to attend the annual meeting. Go to to view the technical program and access session descriptions.

The earlybird registration deadline is 24 September 2007.

I'd be happy to talk with you about the meeting and answer any questions you might have.

We're looking forward to a great technical program in Denver. I hope you'll join us.

Best regards,
[ insert name ]


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