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Fee Guidelines - Non-GSA Groups

The following guidelines pertain to all non-GSA groups.

  1. Meeting space for ticketed breakfasts and ticketed luncheons*, where GSA is collecting the money for the registration of these events, will be provided free of charge (GSA predetermines the price for these events).
  2. Meeting space for all other events will be charged the normal rate (Non-Profit Groups - less than 30 people-$60, 30 people or more-$85; For-Profit Groups - $160 regardless of meeting size.)
  3. Events that are held outside of the GSA hotels or convention center will be listed in the Program (Alphabetical and Chronological lists) free of charge provided information is submitted to GSA via the Event Space Request Form prior to production deadlines (1 August).

* GSA will determine the guarantees for these events, and will work directly with the hotel or convention center on all aspects of these events (i.e. menu, guarantees, set-up, etc.). If the event organizer has special requests for their event, these requests will need to be directed to GSA, not the hotel or convention center. GSA will also be billed by the hotel or convention center for all ticketed events. The event organizer will be billed back for any audio visual equipment ordered, bar-related charges, special requests that have a fee related to them, and the difference in any subsidized ticket costs (i.e. professional price is $30, student price is $20, the organization would be billed for $10 per student ticket sold). If there are any registration fees left over from the event, GSA will retain these fees for overhead costs. If the catering bill has exceeded the amount of the collected registration fees, GSA will cover that loss.

All space is assigned on a first come-first served basis. Please see the 'Key Dates' calendar for timelines. As in the past, groups are responsible, and will be billed, for all food, beverage, audio-visual, etc. charges relating to an event.

Event organizers may contact Melissa Cummiskey, Director of Meetings () with any questions relating to these guidelines or the space request process.

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