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2006 Members’ Corner Titles on display

Books will be on display Sunday through Wednesday
3-D Structural Geology Richard Groshong, Jr.
An Illustrated Guide…Antarctic Peninsula W.D. Romey
Bedrock Lauret Savoy, Eldridge Moores, Judith Moores
Broken Land Frank DeCourten
Carving the Grand Canyon Wayne Ranney
Charles Darwin, Geologist Sandra Hebert
Chasing Lava Wendell Duffield
Colorado River: Origin & Evolution Richard A.Young, Earle Spamer
Consciousness and Creativity W.D. Romey
Continents and Supercontinents John J.W. Rogers
Dissensions George Klein
Earth: A Narrative in Verse John Dickey
Earthquakes in Human History: The Far Reaching Effects Jelle Zeilinga de Boer
Economic Geology of Metals, Minerals, Coal and Hydrocarbons Walter Pohl
Extinction Douglas Erwin
Faulty Geology A.R. McBirney
Fossil Treasures of the Anza-Borrego Desert Lowell Lindsay
Geoarchaeology, 2nd Ed George (Rip) Rapp
Geochemistry of Marine Sediments David Burdige
Geology and Health Catherine Skinner
Geology of Sierra Nevada Mary Hill
Geology of Southeast Alaksa: Rock and Ice in Motion Harold H. Stowell
Geology of the SF Bay Region Doris Sloan
Grand Canyon James L. Powell
In Search of Ancient Oregon Ellen Bishop
King of the 40th Parallel--Discovery in the American West James Moore
King of Siluria J.L. Morton
Living with the California Coast Lauret Savoy, Gary Griggs, Patsch Kiki
Minerals of Nevada Stephen B. Castor
Norway Through A Geologists Eyes (CD) W.D. Romey
On the Trail of the Ice Age Floods Bruce Bjornstad
Plus Ca Change W.D. Romey
Secrets in the Snow Paul Bateman
The Trilobite Affair A.R. McBirney, P. Janvier
Volcanoes of Northern Arizona Wendell Duffield
When Pele Stirs Wendell Duffield
Winemakers Dance David Howell
Written in Stone Maureen Raymo
Don't miss these exciting 2006 Bookstore Events:
Annual Author Event and Book Signing on Sunday at the Welcoming Party, 5:30pm.
Special Presentation on The Oracle, by author Bill Broad on Monday, 23 Oct., 10-noon.

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