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P6. Natural and Anthropogenic Disasters: Earth and Health Scientists Working Together to Identify Potential Health Issues and Improve Outcomes

Sponsored by GSA Geology and Health Division
Sun., 22 Oct., 8 a.m.-noon

Geoffrey S. Plumlee, Gabriel Filippelli

Earth scientists are increasingly working with public health scientists to identify and assess potential health issues associated with natural and anthropogenic disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, industrial spills, and terrorist attacks. Earth scientists have traditionally assessed the risks, causes, extent, and physical impacts of natural disasters; from a public health perspective, this information can be used to help understand and mitigate injury and loss of life from the actual physical impacts of the disaster. Earth science expertise is increasingly used to help identify and map potential toxicants or pathogens generated by natural and anthropogenic disasters, and assess how these products respond to environmental processes. This session will use policy and case study presentations by earth and health scientists to highlight both past successes and future opportunities for linking earth and health sciences in natural and anthropogenic disaster planning and response.