GSA Abstracts with Programs

Vol. 38 / ISSN 0016-7592

Seven issues in the volume; six in the spring as presented at GSA Section meetings, and one in the fall as presented at the international Annual Meeting of GSA and its associated societies. Includes abstracts of all scientific papers presented at each meeting and programs of sessions. Authors’ addresses are given in abstracts, and an author index is included. More than 4,000 abstracts are in the series.

Section Meeting Abstracts with Programs
(Cordilleran, Rocky Mountain, Northeastern, Southeastern, North-Central, South-Central)
US$12 each
US$15 each
Annual Meeting Abstracts with Programs US$30
Abstracts on CD (includes all of current year's abstracts) US$24
Note: GSA will provide each meeting registrant with a copy of the Abstracts with Programs on CD-ROM. Field Trip or Short Course only, K-16 Workshop only, and Guest or Spouse registrants are excluded.