Recent responses to devastating natural disasters and escalating pressures on natural resources remind us of the need for the pursuit and distribution of objective, timely, and peer-reviewed scientific information. The 2006 GSA Annual Meeting will convene in Philadelphia and address this challenge under the theme of The Pursuit of Science: Building on a Foundation of Discovery.

The 2006 annual meeting will be an exciting and historic event that corresponds with the 300th birthday of Benjamin Franklin, one of the nation's most celebrated scientists and a visionary leader in the integration of science, public policy, and the open exchange of information. Philadelphia is widely known for its historic buildings and was the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutional Congress, and the nation's first capital. Philadelphia was also the center of natural science in the colonies and the fledgling nation; many of the city's oldest museums, libraries, and scientific collections date from the era, and the efforts, of Benjamin Franklin. Today, the Philadelphia area supports over 100 museums, arboreta, and other scientific collections, including the Academy of Natural Sciences, the home of the first dinosaur skeleton discovered in the Americas; the first zoo in the western hemisphere; and the recently opened Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center, a museum of watershed dynamics and history of the first modern municipal water-supply facility in the New World.

Many of North America's first geologists traveled regularly to Philadelphia to exchange information and share recent discoveries. Our 2006 annual meeting will carry on that tradition of the open exchange of scientific information and ideas through field trips, sessions, special symposia, and the public forum. Please engage in this information exchange and the excitement of discovery by submitting abstracts and encouraging your colleagues to submit abstracts by 11 July 2006.

We look forward to welcoming many thousands of you to the City of Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love.

Robert Giegengack and Fred Scatena
University of Pennsylvania
2006 Annual Meeting General Co-Chairs