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2006 GSA Annual Meeting

Field Trip Scholarships

For Students

As part of the Roy J. Shlemon Meeting Awards Program, the GSA Engineering Geology Division provides funding to graduate and undergraduate students attending GSA field trips. The only criteria are that you must be a student member of the Engineering Geology Division and that you are making satisfactory progress toward your degree. For a detailed description of this program, you can visit the EGD Web site and click on "Scholarships." If you need more information, you can reach Rob Larson at . Deadline for applications: 1 Aug. 2006.

The GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division is offering scholarships to Division-affiliated student members for division-sponsored field trips. Apply in writing, by e-mail, giving your name, institution, class, specialty, poster or talk title, field trip title, and a one-paragraph rationale to Peter Vrolijk, . See the Structural Geology and Tectonics Division newsletter for more information.