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2006 GSA Annual Meeting

ON—overnight lodging

Field Trips

Concurrent with the Meeting

Trip fees include transportation during the trip and a guidebook. Other services, such as meals and lodging, are included as noted.

All trips begin and end at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia unless otherwise indicated. Trip itinerary details will be provided upon registration and can also be obtained directly from the field trip leaders.

20. 135 Million Years of History in Southwestern Philadelphia [420]
Sun., 22 Oct.
Raymond A. Scheinfeld., Weston Solutions Inc., +1-215-841-2019, .
This field trip will showcase the geologic history of the area adjacent to the Philadelphia International Airport. A thick sequence (150+ ft) of Cretaceous age Potomac Group and sediments, unconformably overlain by Quaternary Trenton Gravel and Alluvial silts and clays were investigated as part of the construction planning for a new 5000-ft-long runway (Runway 8-26) over a deleted but deed-restricted U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Superfund site. Trip participants will be able to examine extensive core samples taken during the investigation that illustrate the stratigraphic and hydrogeologic framework of the area. These data were used to overcome numerous engineering design, environmental, and construction challenges during runway development. The trip will visit the groundwater mitigation system installed to address a newly identified contamination plume at the site as well as examine the construction features of the runway. The field trip will also participate in a guided tour of historic Fort Mifflin, the oldest fortification continually used in the United States.
Max.: 30; min.: 10. Cost: US$59 (R, vans).
21. Bicycle Tour of the Geology and Hydrology of Philadelphia [421]
Tues., 24 Oct. — This trip is full, but you may sign up for the wait-list, call 1-888-443-4472.
Raymond A. Scheinfeld, Weston Solutions, +1-215-841-2019, .
Unwind after attending sessions at the conference with this leisurely, geologically oriented bicycle-based field trip along the beautiful and scenic banks of the Schuylkill River and Wissahickon Creek in Philadelphia. The trip will start at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and extend to Valley Green in the Wissahickon Gorge. Cyclists will visit a series of locations that illustrate the complex Paleozoic geology of this area as well as the hydrologic and cultural features that shaped over 300 years of development of what was at one time the center of science, culture, and industry in the United States. The trip will proceed at a pace of 9-12 mi/hr with frequent stops. The entire trip will cover a distance of 18-20 miles, and there will be several opportunities to shorten the trip if desired. The terrain is generally level with a few small (<100 ft) elevation changes. The entire trip is on paved or well-graded gravel bicycle trails. Participants may bring their own bicycles (wide-tired bicycles are best) or may rent bicycles at a location near the start of the trip. Helmets are required for the trip. Trip rain date is the following day.
Max.: 25; min.: 5. Cost w/bike rental: US$55. Cost w/o bike rental: US$25 (R, bikes).
22. Erosion and the Hickory Run Boulder Field-1st Annual Kirk Bryan Field Seminar [422]
Tues., 24 Oct. Cosponsored by GSA Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division.
Frank Pazzaglia, Lehigh University, +1-610-758-3667, fax +1-610-838-2344, ; Paul Nierman; Milan Pavich; Dorothy Merritts.
This is a one-day linked field trip and seminar to explore recent advances in the quantification of the rates and processes of erosion. The Hickory Run Boulder Field will stand as a thought-provoking backdrop, stimulating conversation on modern and relict processes and landscapes. The trip is designed to complement the Pardee symposium on erosion (P1).
Max.: 60; min.: 20. Cost: US$59 (B, L, vans).
23. Geology of Delaware Water Gap, New Jersey-Pennsylvania [423]
Tues-Wed., 24-25 Oct. — Canceled
24. Philadelphia Urban Hydrology [424]
Wed., 25 Oct.
Laura Toran, Temple University, +1-215-204-2352, fax +1-215-204-3496, ; Chris Crockett.
Although America's great industrial centers rose from the banks of rivers that provided cheap power and transportation, Philadelphia was the first large American city to regard the delivery of safe water as a municipal responsibility. This tour of the historic Philadelphia waterworks will highlight some of the earliest hydrologic planning in the United States.
Max.: 45; min.: 5. Cost: US$45 (L, R, bus).