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2006 GSA Annual Meeting


The deadline (7/11/06) for submitting abstracts has now passed. If you have questions about your abstract, contact Nancy Carlson, +1-303-357-1061, .

You and your co-authors will be provided (by e-mail) with a record of the abstract identification number and password, and you can access your abstract and revise it as necessary from any Internet connection until the abstracts deadline date.

The system supports the submission of complex abstracts that contain subscripts, superscripts, italic and boldface type, tables, Greek letters, and equations.

Scientific Categories

Determine if your paper would fit neatly under one of the topical sessions. If it doesn't, please submit your abstract for inclusion in the general discipline sessions.

Presentation Modes

Select your preferred mode of presentation: oral, poster, or either (no preference). Please note: The program organizers will do their best to fit you into your preferred mode; however, they will override your original mode selection if they feel your paper would fit well in a particular session with other compatible abstracts. The decision of the program organizers is final.

Oral Mode.
This is a verbal presentation before a seated audience. The normal length of an oral presentation is 12 minutes, plus three minutes for discussion.
Poster Mode.
Each poster session presenter is provided with one horizontal, freestanding display board approximately 8' wide and 4' high. Precise measurements will appear in the speaker guide, which will be posted on the GSA Web site in September. Speakers must be at their poster booths for at least two of the four presentation hours.

Papers for discipline sessions may be submitted in either oral or poster mode. Papers for topical sessions are to be submitted only in the mode noted in the session description. If a topical abstract is submitted in the incorrect mode, the abstract will be transferred automatically to a discipline session.

You May Present Only ONE Volunteered Abstract
Abstract Body
Abstracts Fee

Once the abstract is in place, a window to submit payment will appear. The nonrefundable submission fee is US$18 for all students and US$30 for all others.

Notification of Acceptance or Rejection
JTPC to Finalize Program in Early August

The Joint Technical Program Committee (JTPC) selects abstracts and determines the final session schedule. All authors will be notified in August. The JTPC includes representatives from those GSA Associated Societies and Divisions participating in the technical program. GSA Council approved the JTPC technical program chairs.