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2005 Annual Meeting

Concurrent Field Trips

15. Geology of the Wasatch — A Two Billion Year Tour through the Upper Third of the Crust — A One-Day Trip [415] — FULL
Mon., 17 Oct. Cosponsored by National Association of Geoscience Teachers.
Michael Bunds, Dept. of Earth Science, Utah Valley State College, Orem, UT 84058, +1-801-863-6306, fax +1-801-863-8064; William Dinklage; Daniel Horns.
We will traverse the Wasatch Mountains to examine its two-billion-year-long geologic history, including sedimentation, plutonism and contact metamorphism, volcanism, mountain front uplift during Basin-and-Range extension, earthquakes, and glaciation. The trip is a great opportunity for professional geologists, academics, and teachers looking for an overview of the local geology.
Max.: 36; min.: 12. Cost: US$60 (1L, R, vans).
16. Unique Geologic Features of Timpanogos Cave National Monument —
A Half-Day Trip [416] — FULL
Tues., 18 Oct. Cosponsored by National Park Service.
Jon Jasper, Timpanogos Cave National Monument, American Fork, UT 84003, +1-801-492-3647, fax +1-801-756-5661; Dave Herron.
Come join us on a geology field trip to Timpanogos Cave to discuss its unique concentration of spiraling helictites, green and yellow coloration, fault-controlled passages, and alpine karst setting. This after-season tour will require all participants to be able to hike the 1.5 mile trail gaining 1,100 ft to reach the cave.
Max.: 20; min.: 10. Cost: US$95 (1L, vans).
17. Biogeochemistry, Limnology, and Ecology of Great Salt Lake —
A Half-Day Trip [417] — FULL
Wed., 19 Oct.
David Naftz, U.S. Geological Survey, 2329 Orton Circle, Salt Lake City, UT 84119, +1-801-908-5053, fax +1-801-908-5001; Wayne Wurtsbaugh; Don Paul; Terry Kenney.
Great Salt Lake is the world’s fourth largest terminal lake. Biogeochemical, limnological, and ecological issues concerning the Great Salt Lake ecosystem will be presented and discussed while touring the lake aboard a cruise liner (outside and inside seating available). Avid bird watchers and accompanying spouses will also enjoy the three-hour cruise. Catch-of-the-day lunch included.
Max.: 18; min.: 10. Cost: US$75 (1L, boat ride, bus).

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