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Session Chairs

Please follow these guidelines to ensure the success of your session.

  2. Please check the time and room assignment of your session.
  3. Plan to arrive at the assigned room in time to meet the co-chair serving with you and the student volunteer assigned to your session. Please familiarize yourself with the audio-visual equipment. You may be asked, "How does the hook on the microphone work?" "Where is the pointer?" "Where do you turn off the lights?" etc.
  4. The total time for each speaker in a volunteered session is 15 minutes. The basic time for the talk is 12 minutes. The timer is set with a warning coming on at 9 minutes. Allow 3 minutes for a Q & A period and logistical time to get on and off the stage. If the paper is longer, for example 20 minutes, the 3-minute warning will come on at 17 minutes.
  5. Please announce at the beginning of the session that each paper will be finished in time to allow for adequate discussion. The acceptance form sent to each speaker indicates that the allotted time normally includes discussion. If the speaker has not finished on schedule, we expect you to end the presentation so that the paper may be discussed. Encourage discussion after each paper!
  6. PLEASE ADHERE STRICTLY TO THE TIME SCHEDULE IN THE PRINTED PROGRAM. Attendees rely on its accuracy to get to talks on time. It may be helpful to use arranged signals to indicate when a speaker's time is almost finished. (Each room is equipped with a D'sam lighted Limitimer.) The discussion must end in time for the next speaker to reach the podium, to be hooked up to the microphone, and to be briefed on your signals before the paper may begin.
  7. In the Chair's Manual on the head table, there will be a form which will request an estimate of the percentage of seating capacity filled during peak attendance at your session (for example, 75% filled during most popular paper). PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM. The answers you provide are extremely important to our planning for future meetings. If any of the scheduled speakers do not appear, this should be noted on the form. Do not remove the binder from the meeting room. GSA staff will collect the binders at the end of the meeting.
  8. If a speaker fails to appear, do not pass to the next paper. Instead, call for a break or discussion until the scheduled time for the following presentation. No substitutions of one paper for another. We will notify you at the beginning of your session of any cancellations of which we are aware.
  9. Presenters will advance their own presentation. In rooms seating over 500, there will be a union technician available for any type of assistance needed.
  10. A student volunteer presentation coordinator has been assigned to your room. This person is to operate the lights, place slide trays on 35mm projector if ordered in advance by the speaker, be a runner in case of a problem, or assist you in any other way. If you are unhappy with the temperature of the room, or any other problem, please let this student know. The student has access to audio-visual and Convention Center services through the Student Volunteers Office.
  11. If you know how to deal with a problem yourself, please feel free to do so.
  12. Emphasize focus constantly. Projectors focus automatically but can be manually adjusted as well. Focus may have to be adjusted from slide to slide with one presentation.
  13. There will be TWO microphones at all podiums. One will be the standard podium mic. The other will be a small lavaliere mic that is often overlooked. It is hung by its cord over the front of the podium. Please be sure your speaker uses this mic.
  14. Podiums should be lighted. Check the hood on the light as well as the switch, then ask the student volunteer to get help if it is not working properly.
  15. There is to be no smoking or recording devices in the session rooms. Please make this announcement at the beginning of your session.
  16. All cell phones should be turned off (or set to vibrating) prior to entering the session rooms. Please make this announcement at the beginning of your session.
  17. Please utilize each available seat. Encourage the audience to take seats at the front of the room and to fill empty seats.
  18. All speakers have been notified that one PC, one LCD projector, and one screen will be provided. Based on availability and with advance notice, other audio-visual equipment is available from our audio-visual contractors.
  19. ADA - Please be aware that some attendees and speakers will need hearing aided equipment. They are to contact Tammy White in the Annual Meeting Office. This equipment will be placed at the head table.

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All speakers must pay the registration fee to speak and to attend the Annual Meeting.

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