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Discipline Sessions

From the discipline categories list (also found on the electronic abstract form), you may choose up to three discipline categories you feel your abstract would fit best. Joint Technical Program Committee representatives organize the papers in sessions focused on disciplines (e.g., environmental geoscience, mineralogy).

Please use the online electronic abstract form (available in early April). An abstract submission fee will be charged. The fee is $18 for students; $30 for all others. If you cannot submit your abstract electronically, contact Nancy Carlson, (303) 357-1061.

Presentation Modes
Select your preferred mode of presentation: oral, poster, or either (no preference). Please Note: The program organizers will do their best to fit you into your preferred mode. However, they will override your original mode selection if they feel your paper would fit well in a particular session with other compatible abstracts. The decision of the program organizers is final.

Oral Mode. This is a verbal presentation before a seated audience. The normal length of an oral presentation is 12 minutes, plus three minutes for discussion.

Poster Mode. Each poster session presenter is provided with one horizontal, freestanding display board approximately 8' wide and 4' high. Precise measurements will appear in the Speaker Guide, which will be posted on the GSA Web site in September. Speakers must be at their poster booths for at least two of the four presentation hours.

Papers for discipline sessions may be submitted in either oral or poster mode. Papers for topical sessions are to be submitted only in the mode noted in the session description. If a topical abstract is submitted in the incorrect mode, the abstract will be transferred automatically to a discipline session.

Archaeological Geology
Coal Geology
Economic Geology
Engineering Geology
Environmental Geoscience
Geochemistry Aqueous
Geochemistry Organic
Geochemistry Other
Geoscience Education
Geoscience Information/Communication
History of Geology
Marine/Coastal Science
Paleontology, Diversity, Extinction, Origination
Paleontology, Biogeography/Biostratigraphy
Paleontology, Paleoecology/Taphonomy
Paleontology, Phylogenetic/Morphological Patterns
Petrology, Experimental
Petrology, Igneous
Petrology, Metamorphic
Planetary Geology
Precambrian Geology
Public Policy
Quaternary Geology
Remote Sensing/Geographic Info System
Sediments, Carbonates
Sediments, Clastic
Structural Geology

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Technical Program Schedule

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