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Read This Before Applying!!

Fees/Compensation Work Assignments Badge Pick-Up / Check-In Dress top

The meeting registration fee will not be required in advance, however we do require a credit card. Registration fees will only be incurred after the meeting if you should not work the required 10 hours. Hence, the request for a credit card number in advance. The registration fee cannot be pro-rated for those working less than 10 hours. If you wish to purchase any separate cost items (luncheon, field trip tickets, etc.), please contact GSA Sales & Service (1-888-443-4472) to add these events to your registration record. This is in addition to filling out the work assignment form. Reimbursement is not available for these additional purchases.

Should you work 15 or more hours, in addition to receiving a free registration, you will also receive an Abstracts with Programs volume.

GSA will pay volunteers a stipend of $25 for each four (5) hours worked at the Annual Meeting. Due to IRS regulations, the stipend cannot be pro-rated. GSA can issue the stipend only to those students with a U.S. government-issued Social Security Number, Green Card or Student Work Visa. As per IRS regulations, GSA must issue a 1099 form to everyone who performs services for GSA and receives payment (stipend) for such. Those students in possession of a Green Card or a Student Work visa must show such documentation to the Student Volunteer Coordinator upon initially checking in. If you do not have a US government-issued Social Security Number, Green Card or Student Work Visa, you can still qualify for a complimentary meeting registration and Abstracts with Program by working the minimum number of work hours listed below.

Minimum Work Requirements

# Hours Worked Complimentary Items Stipend
Less than 10 hours   Stipend of $25 for every 5 hours worked
10 to 14.75 hours Complimentary Meeting Registration Stipend of $25 for every 5 hours worked
15 hours or more Complimentary Meeting Registration and Abstracts with Programs Volume Stipend of $25 for every 5 hours worked Fees/Compensation

Fees/Compensation Work Assignments Badge Pick-Up / Check-In Dress top

Student Technical Session Presentation Coordinators MUST attend a Presentation Coordinators Training Session prior to the technical session where they will serve as Presentation Coordinators. Alternates are strongly encouraged to also attend one of the Training Sessions. The Training Sessions will be held Saturday through Monday from 12:15 to 1:15 p.m. Be sure to indicate on the Work Schedule form the training session you wish to attend. Attendance at one (1) Training Session will be credited toward the 5 hours necessary to earn a stipend.

Please view the Job Descriptions to help make your selections. It is possible to work some or all of your hours before the official start of the meeting, enabling you to attend the meeting at your leisure. To accommodate everyone who wants to participate as a student volunteer, and earn a complimentary meeting registration, students are asked to limit their hours to no more than 16 work hours as their schedule allows. If you sign up for more than 16 hours, GSA reserves the right to edit your schedule to allow more students to participate in the program.

Specific schedules are listed with each work assignment. You must work the full shift as listed for each position. Many positions have been broken down into 3 and 4 hour shifts so it is possible to work multiple shifts on the same day. Please be sure to allow yourself ample time for lunch, breaks, to attend sessions and to get from one assignment to another.

This system does not check for conflicts or overlaps in the schedule. You are responsible for checking your schedule to ensure there are no time conflicts.

Fees/Compensation Work Assignments Badge Pick-Up / Check-In Dress top

It is imperative that you check in and pick up your badge at the Student Volunteer Office, Room 206, at the Colorado Convention Center, UPON ARRIVAL IN DENVER. The Student Volunteer Office hours are provided on the Student Volunteer home page. If you will not arrive in Denver until later in the week, please call the Student Volunteer Office, during office hours, at (303) 228-8563 starting Friday, November 5 at noon to advise us when you plan on checking-in.

Students who do not check-in and miss their first assignment may have all remaining assignments given to other students at the discretion of the Student Volunteer Coordinator.

It is imperative that you also check in with the Student Volunteer Office prior to going to each work assignment. If you have any change in plans that will cause you to miss your assignment, please let us know as soon as possible by phone at (303) 228-8563 or stop by Room 206 in the Colorado Convention Center.

Fees/Compensation Work Assignments Badge Pick-Up / Check-In Dress top

We recommend that people signed up to set up and tear down wear clean work clothes. For all other assignments, please dress neatly. This is a good opportunity for you to present yourself in a professional manner when meeting potential employers and colleagues.

New this year:
optional partial food stipend available.

Work Request Form

Job Descriptions



Nov. 5 - 10

For more information, contact Kevin Ricker

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