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Student Volunteer Program - FAQs


How do I register for the meeting?
When you sign up as a Student Volunteer, this will serve as your meeting registration. To register for additional activities, lunches, fieldtrips, workshops, etc., please call 1-888-443-4472. You will be charged for these additional activities.
Why do you need my credit card number?
We require your credit card number in case you are unable to work the required 10 hours to receive a complimentary registration. Your credit card will be charged after the Annual Meeting at the pre-registration rate ($90 for Student Members or $120 for Student Nonmembers).
Must I be a member of GSA to participate?
No, you do not need to be a member of GSA to participate in the Student Volunteer Program. However, you must be an undergraduate or graduate student.
Are there special housing rates for students?
No, although there are hotels nearby with a wide variety of rates.
Do I make my own travel arrangements?
Yes, you must make your own arrangements for transportation to and from the conference. You may contact your section secretary for travel grants. Please see our Travel Web page.


How does the registration fee/stipend system work?
GSA will pay volunteers a stipend of $25 for each four (5) hours worked at the Annual Meeting. Due to IRS regulations, the stipend cannot be pro-rated. GSA can issue the stipend only to those students with a U.S. government-issued Social Security Number, Green Card or Student Work Visa. As per IRS regulations, GSA must issue a 1099 form to everyone who performs services for GSA and receives payment (stipend) for such. Those students in possession of a Green Card or a Student Work visa must show such documentation to the Student Volunteer Coordinator upon initially checking in. If you do not have a US government-issued Social Security Number, Green Card or Student Work Visa, you can still qualify for a complimentary meeting registration and Abstracts with Program.
If I work 6 hours, how many do I get paid for?
You will be paid $25 for 5 hours, and you will be charged the full meeting registration based upon your membership status.
If I work less than 10 hours, will I be charged for the difference of the registration fee and my stipend check? Will the registration fee be pro-rated?
No, to both questions. The Student Volunteer system and registration system are two different operating systems. Therefore, if you work less than 10 hours, the full registration fee will be charged to your credit card and you will receive a separate check for your stipend.
When will I get my stipend check?
Stipend checks usually go out in late December or early January. If you do not receive your stipend check by this time, contact Kevin Ricker, (303) 357-1090.


Where do I check in for my assignment?
It is imperative that you check in and pick up your badge at the Student Volunteer Office, Room 206, at the Colorado Convention Center, UPON ARRIVAL IN DENVER. The Student Volunteer Office hours are provided on the Student Volunteer home page. If you will not arrive in Denver until later in the week, please call the Student Volunteer Office, during office hours, at (303) 228-8563 starting Friday, November 5 at noon to advise us when you plan on checking-in.
Students who do not check-in and miss their first assignment may have all remaining assignments given to other students at the discretion of the Student Volunteer Coordinator.
I need to make changes to or cancel my schedule. How do I do that?
You will be able to make modifications to your schedule directly on the Student Volunteer website. After you hit the "Submit to GSA" button, you should receive e-mail with an ID number on it. This ID number is what you will need to make changes or cancel your schedule. You will be able to make changes up to November 4. Remember that other students may be looking for hours, so make your modifications as soon as possible.
On November 5, starting at noon, you must notify the Student Volunteer Office by calling (303) 228-8563, or stopping by Room 206 in the Colorado Convention Center during office hours.
I overslept and missed my assignment, what do I do? What happens to the rest of my assignments?
First, buy a new alarm clock! Remember that your commitments to work means that many people are depending on you to be there to perform your assigned task. If you don't show up for an assignment, how can we ensure that you will show up for the rest of your assignments? If you don't show up, and did not call the Student Volunteer Office in advance, your assignments may be reassigned to other students at the discretion of the Student Volunteer Coordinator.
Am I limited to how many hours I may volunteer in one day?
No, you may schedule your time however it works out best for you. You are limited to a total of 16 hours for the entire conference.
My assigned task ended early, how do I record my hours on the time sheet?
You will be paid based on the assigned hours or actual hours worked, whichever is greater. If your assigned task ends early, you should report back to the Student Volunteer Office, Room 206 in case you might be needed elsewhere.
What does an Alternate do?
Alternates may replace students who don't show up or be assigned last minute tasks. Alternates will receive a stipend for the hours they are assigned as an Alternate, whether or not they perform an actual work assignment as long as they remain in or near the Student Volunteer Office to accept a work assignment. Alternates are encouraged to bring course work or reading materials, as there may be idle time.
Alternates are strongly encouraged to attend one of the Student Technical Session Presentation Coordinator Training Sessions which will be held Saturday through Monday from 12:15 to 1:15 p.m.

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New this year:
optional partial food stipend available.

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Nov. 5 - 10

For more information, contact Kevin Ricker

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