Pardee Keynote Symposium - P3

Geoscientific Aspects of Human and Ecosystem Vulnerability

Conveners: Susan W. Kieffer, Grant Heiken

Experts, analysts, and civil authorities tend to react to relatively short-term socio-political hazards such as violence or war, and natural hazards such as earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and landslides. They are less prepared to analyze and reduce the vulnerability of populations to longer scale geologic processes, such as depletion of energy or mineral resources, soil degradation, ecosystem destruction, or climate change and rising sea levels. In this symposium, we propose to have experts and leaders from a variety of science and policy areas address the vulnerability of society to geologic processes and resources, and mitigation of natural disasters.

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2004 GSA Annual Meeting
Geoscience in a Changing World

November 7-10, 2004
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, Colorado