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All GSA Annual Meeting attendees and registered guests are welcome to participate in the following guest program tours. Reservations for all tours will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The tour operator requires a final guarantee weeks in advance. Most tours have attendance minimums as well as maximums. Tours may be canceled if minimum attendance is not met. Please register early to guarantee your spot. Plan to arrive at the departure location 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time to make sure you don't miss the bus. Guests should check in at the Guest Hospitality Suite and will then be directed to departure location at the Marriott City Center. The Denver area has a great deal to offer and the formal tours can only cover a small portion of what is available for you to see and do. You may enjoy visiting other area attractions with fellow guests or go it alone on a self-guided tour. The Guest Hospitality Suite staff can provide you with more information and activity suggestions.

top Highlights of Boulder [102]
Sun., Nov. 7, 12:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
This tour of nearby Boulder includes time for art: Boulder boasts over 30 galleries, representing contemporary fine arts, western, and Native American arts, cooperative galleries, collectibles and fine gifts as well as public galleries. A true cultural treasure, the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse was a gift from Boulder's Tajikistan sister city, Dushanbe, as a sign of friendship. You might want to have lunch or tea at this beautiful teahouse. A little farther north, we'll see how the beauty and romance of the West comes alive at the Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art, housed in the corporate headquarters of Leanin' Tree. It has one of the nation's largest private collections displaying over 200 paintings. We then invite you to a Celestial Tea Experience. You can tour the factory and see how the beautiful little boxes are made.
Cost: $26. Minimum: 25 people. Lunch not included.
top Rocky Mountain High Tour [103A]; Rocky Mountain High Tour with optional box lunch purchase [103B]
Mon., Nov. 8, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most accessible National Parks in the West. Your trip up to Trail Ridge Road along the Continental Divide is breathtaking. It is known for its spectacular high mountain beauty and provides some of the best watch-able wildlife in Colorado, with Bighorn Sheep, Elk, and Mule Deer leading the list. While in Estes Park, you'll tour the famous Stanley Hotel, which overlooks the town. The Stanley Hotel was built in 1906 of wood and rock obtained from the nearby mountains. It has a very special connection to Stephen King and his book, The Shining. Mr. King wrote about half his novel in room 217. He most recently returned to make the ABC mini-series, "The Shining." Estes Park, which was founded in 1870 and is set in the valley of Rocky Mountain National Park, is famous for its many jewelry and curio stores.
Cost: $48 for tour only, $58 with box lunch. Minimum: 30 people.
top Castle in the Sky [104]
Mon., Nov. 8, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
A scenic drive leads your guests to Cherokee Ranch, an exquisite Scottish Castle built high on a bluff just south of Denver in 1924. This exquisite castle boasts breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, from Pikes Peak in the south to Longs Peak in the north. The ranch was owned by Tweet Kimble, a beautiful woman driven to make it big in a man's world by breeding the highly acclaimed Santa Gertrudis cattle. You will enjoy the exquisite art collection, antique furniture, and colorful, eccentric history of the life of Ms. Kimble and her ranch. A knowledgeable tour guide will accompany you on the motor coach to and from the ranch to provide Colorado history highlights.
Cost: $40. Minimum: 25 people. Maximum: 40 people. Lunch not included.
top Pure Gold [106]
Tues., Nov. 9, 8 a.m.-1 p.m.
A 30-minute drive from Denver will take you back over 100 years to the flourishing hub of Colorado's gold country in the National Historic District of Idaho Springs. Made rich by gold and still rich will history, Idaho Springs is a "must see." The Mountain Ute and Arapahoe (Plains) Indians called the place "Eduhoe" meaning "Gem of the Mountains". The Phoenix Gold Mine was discovered in 1872 and is still a working mine today. You can pan for gold and get a history of geology as well. The Argo Gold Mine and Mill is a fascinating museum and National Historic Site with the world's largest haulage tunnel. After your mine tour, browse about the quaint town and have lunch on your own. Then you will travel on to Mount Evans. At 12,000 feet, you'll hit timberline. Here, intense solar radiation, high winds, and freezing temperatures prevent the growth of vegetation larger than a bush. Above timberline is the alpine zone, where you will see alpine tundra—wild flowers and other small plants specially adapted to the short growing season at this high elevation. The rocky alpine zone is a hospitable area for the ptarmigan, the sure-footed bighorn and white mountain goat. Please note: Weather is a major factor when driving to Mount Evans.
Cost: $37. Minimum: 30 people. Lunch not included.

Canceled Guest Tours

top Beautiful Breckenridge [101]
Sun., Nov. 7, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
top Western Grandeur [105]
Tues., Nov. 9, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
top Butterfly Pavilion [107]
Wed., Nov. 10, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
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