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T10 top Mega-Events on Earth and Mars: Record, Recognition, and Consequences (Posters)
GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division
Lawrence H. Tanner, Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA; Thorvaldur Thordarson, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
This poster session explores large-scale, rapid-acting geologic processes that are obvious on Mars, yet scarcely recognized on Earth, and their influence on planetary history. Examples include bolide impact, superplume eruption, catastrophic flood, and edifice collapse. POSTER
Planetary Geology; Volcanology; Quaternary Geology/Geomorphology
T11 top Expanding Extraterrestrial Geoscience Horizons: Planetary Remote Sensing
GSA Planetary Geology Division
Michael S. Kelley, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA
A diverse group of leading planetary geologists who do not typically attend the same sessions will discuss problems, solutions, and results from remote sensing of solid planetary bodies. ORAL
Planetary Geology; Remote Sensing/Geographic Info System; Geochemistry, Other
T12 top Advances in Analytical Techniques and New Approaches to the Study of Ore Deposits
Society of Economic Geologists
Werner Halter, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland; Thomas Pettke, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
This session will focus on recent advances in analytical techniques (e.g., laser-ablation, MC-ICPMS, Raman, SIMS, SXRF) that provide new insight into the study of ore deposits. Submissions are encouraged on the analytical techniques themselves as well as the results of their use in experimental, microanalytical, and field studies. ORAL and POSTER
Economic Geology; Geochemistry, Aqueous; Geochemistry, Other
T13 top Cathodoluminescence of Quartz in Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
Society of Economic Geologists
Brian Rusk, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Cathodoluminescence of quartz reveals textures that yield insight into the physical and chemical processes of ore deposit formation. These textures are even more insightful when combined with fluid inclusion petrography, ore mineral petrography, trace element analysis, or other analytical methods. ORAL and POSTER
Economic Geology; Geochemistry, Aqueous; Geochemistry, Other
T14 top Modern and Ancient Mineralizing Seafloor Hydrothermal Systems
Society of Economic Geologists
J. Bruce Gemmell, University of Tasmania, Tasmania, Australia; Cornel E.J. de Ronde, Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
Compare modern submarine mineralizing systems in a variety of plate tectonic settings (e.g., back arcs, intra-oceanic and island arcs, seamounts, sediment free ridges, sedimented ridges) to ancient volcanic- and sediment-hosted ore deposits. ORAL
Economic Geology; Marine/Coastal Science; Geochemistry, Other
T15 top Characterizing Complexity in Geomechanics, Engineering Geology, and Hydrogeology
GSA Engineering Geology Division
William C. Haneberg, Haneberg Geoscience, Port Orchard, WA; Edmund Medley, Exponent(r) Failure Analysis Associates, Menlo Park, CA
Geomechanical and hydrogeological characterization of fault and fracture systems, mˇlanges, landslides, tills, and other strongly heterogeneous or anisotropic geomaterials. Quantitative probabilistic or process-based modeling contributions, field studies, and laboratory investigations are encouraged. ORAL
Engineering Geology; Hydrogeology; Structural Geology
T16 top Deep Rock Slope Deformation: Mechanics, Processes, and Timing
GSA Engineering Geology Division
James P. McCalpin, Crestone, CO; Stephen G. Evans, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, ON
New advances have been made in the study of deep rock slope deformation (DRSD) by trenching of sackungen in USA and Europe and new discontinuous element models. ORAL and POSTER
Engineering Geology; Quaternary Geology/Geomorphology
T17 top Advances and Applications of 3-D Fracture Analysis to Rock Mechanics and Engineering Geology
GSA Engineering Geology Division, American Rock Mechanics Association (ARMA); GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics Division
Judy Ehlen, USA Engineer Research and Development Center, Alexandria, VA; Paul La Pointe, Golder Associates, Inc., Redmond, WA
In this session we propose to bring together those working on these various aspects of 3-D fracture characterization and synthesis to present their current work as it impacts structural geology, engineering geology, and hydrogeology. ORAL
Engineering Geology; Structural Geology; Hydrogeology
T18 top Impacts of Hydrostratigraphy on Engineering and Civil Works Projects in the Pacific Northwest
GSA Hydrogeology Division; GSA Engineering Geology Division
Richard J. Martin, Shannon & Wilson, Inc., Seattle, WA; Scott W. Gaulke, Shannon & Wilson, Inc., Seattle, WA
This session will provide an opportunity for practitioners to discuss local and regional hydrostratigraphic conditions in the Pacific Northwest including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia. ORAL
Hydrogeology; Stratigraphy
T19 top Biogeochemical and Physical Processes in Mine Pit Lakes
GSA Limnogeology Division
Laurie Balistrieri, Seattle, WA; Gina Tempel, Reno, NV; John Crusius, Woods Hole, MA
This session will explore variations in the biogeochemical and physical processes operating in mine pit lakes found in a variety of geological settings and approaches for modeling their water quality as a function of time. ORAL and POSTER
Geochemistry, Aqueous; Environmental Geoscience; Hydrogeology

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