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Upload Deadline:
5:00 p.m., Mountain Time, October 31.

AV Equipment List for Technical Session Rooms

35mm Slide Projectors and Overhead Projectors
will NOT be automatically provided
in each Tech Session room.
Only 180 speakers out of over 3,000 used 35mm projectors at the 2002 meeting. One (1) 35mm Slide Projector with stand -OR- One (1) Overhead Projector with stand may be requested at no additional charge, if requested prior to September 26. Speakers will be charged for additional A/V equipment if request is submitted after the September 26 deadline.

If you need non-standard equipment please complete the online Speaker A/V Equipment Order Form. NOTE: SESSION CHAIRS are NOT allowed to order A/V equipment for the technical sessions they chair, SPEAKERS must place their own A/V order directly with GSA.

DO NOT order a 35mm slide projector or overhead projector as back-up if you are giving an electronic presentation, there is no reason for this equipment expense with a networked computer system. AVHQ has technicians onsite to troubleshoot any technical problem that may arise and can take care of anything as long as the speaker brings their presentation on CD Rom, Floppy Disk, Zip Disk, Thumb Drive, Compact Flash Card, SD Card, Multi-Media Card, or Memory Stick to the meeting and/or has submitted the presentation in advance of the meeting to AVHQ's Web site ( For further reassurance, feel free to submit your presentation to the AVHQ Web site AND also bring a copy to the meeting.

Standard A/V Equipment
GSA provides the following equipment in each Technical Session Room at no charge to speaker.
1 Desktop Computer (With Windows 2000 Operating System and MS Office XP. All Macintosh or MS PowerPoint XP presentations will work, but must be saved in a PC format).
1 LCD Projector (You will not be able to order a 2nd LCD, no inventory available.)
1 Screen
1 Laser Pointer
1 Lectern/Podium with light and microphone
1 Wired Lavaliere microphone
1 Head table with 3 chairs
  • VHS Video Players, Monitors and Flipcharts are NOT PROVIDED in Tech Session Rooms, but are available for an additional charge via the online A/V Equipment Order Form.
  • Internet service will not be provided in technical session rooms, but can be ordered in advance via the online A/V Equipment Order Form.

For Presentation Submission Please Upload to
AVHQ Web site

Speaker A/V Equipment Order Form

NOTE: SESSION CHAIRS are NOT allowed to order A/V equipment for the technical sessions they chair, SPEAKERS must place their own A/V order directly with GSA.

Nancy Carlson
Technical Program Officer
PO Box 9140
Boulder, CO 80301-9140
Fax: 303-357-1070

Nancy Carlson
Technical Program Officer
(303) 357-1061

After October 29,
call the Annual Meeting Office
at the Convention Center
(206) 219-4607.

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