Geoscience Horizons

Graduate School Information Forum

Sunday through Wednesday, Nov. 2 - 5, 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Washington State Convention & Trade Center, Exhibit Hall 4DF

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36 Ball State University     X  
38 Binghamton University   X    
30 Boise State University   X X  
29 Bowling Green State University X      
17 Central Washington University X X    
40 Clemson University   X    
15 Colorado School of Mines X X    
27 Cornell University   X    
4 East Carolina University X X    
32 Idaho State University   X X  
22 Illinois State University X X    
27 Indiana State Univeristy X   X  
2 Indiana University X X X X
21 Indiana University/Purdue University - Indianapolis     X  
30 Kansas State University X      
13 Kent State University X X X  
25 Miami University X   X  
34 New Mexico State University   X    
26 New Mexico Tech   X    
16 North Carolina State University X X    
37 Northern Arizona University   X    
25 Northwestern University   X    
34 Notre Dame X   X  
18 Ohio University     X  
5 Oklahoma State University X X X  
23 Old Dominion University X X    
33 Penn State University   X    
28 Rice University   X X  
4 Simon Fraser University     X  
12 Syracuse University X X X  
14 Texas A&M University X X    
15 Texas Tech University     X  
19 University of Alabama     X  
31 University of Alaska - Fairbanks   X X  
35 University of Arkansas X   X  
11 University of California - Davis X X X  
32 University of Canterbury X      
17 University of Colorado - Boulder     X  
31 University of Delaware X      
39 University Idaho   X    
29 University Maryland   X X  
20 University North Carolina - Chapel Hill X X    
7 University of California - Riverside X X X  
14 University of Chicago     X  
24 University of Illinois   X    
36 University of Iowa   X    
20 University of Kansas     X  
23 University of North Carolina - Charlotte     X  
3 University of Oklahoma X X X  
36/37 University of Massachusetts X   X  
16 University of Southern Mississippi     X  
22 University of Utah     X  
33 University of Vermont X   X  
8 University of Wisconsin - Madison X X X  
1 University of Wyoming X X X X
21 University Tennessee - Knoxville X X    
9 University Texas - El Paso X X X  
19 Utah State University X X    
35 Vanderbilt University   X    
6 Virginia Tech X X X  
10 Washington State University X X X  
26 Washington University X   X  
28 Western Michigan University X      
18 Wright State University X X    
24 Yale University X   X  


If your school would like to reserve space, complete the online application form. Click here for further information, or contact Kevin Ricker, (800) 472-1988, ext. 1090.

New this year! An online Graduate School Program Posting opportunity will be available later this year that can help enhance visibility during the meeting and throughout the year. Participating GSIF schools will be eligible for significant discounts. Stay tuned for further details.

Subaru - Title Sponsor of the 2003 GSA Annual Meeting

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