Geology & Health

The Geological Society of America and
U.S. Geological Survey present

GeoHealth I

Building Bridges across the Geological and Health Sciences

4-6 March 2008

USGS Headquarters
Reston, Virginia


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Professionals met in Reston for GSA’s first special meeting devoted solely to interdisciplinary research and applications taking place at the nexus of the geosciences and health sciences.


To connect the dots between the geological sciences and the health sciences, in order to:

  • improve communication across disciplines, and
  • better inform policy and decision makers on the complex human-health problems potentially associated with environmental exposures to natural and anthropogenic contaminants and pathogens.

Scientific Program:

Through a series of lectures, case studies and breakout sessions, geoscientists and health scientists will interact to share their perspectives on airborne and soilborne contaminants, and on drinking water contaminants and pathogens.

Contaminants of interest include: environmental asbestos, urban lead, arsenic, and VOCs.

Strategic planning will help identify and shape the research agenda on emerging and future needs in the geohealth arena.

Your input is needed!

We would like to develop guidance for geological and health scientists in communicating with each other, to the public, and to policy and decision makers. Please send any “Success Stories in Geology and Health,” along with any PowerPoint slides which illustrate the success (or lessons learned) of collaborative efforts in geology and health, to GSA, .

Your input is also sought in an interactive session on Strategic Planning for Emerging Needs and the Research Agenda.

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