3-7 April


Mahlburg Kay


Victor A. Ramos
Universidad de Buenos Aires

Backbone of the Americas - Patagonia to Alaska
Technical Program Schedule

The meeting themes have been chosen to emphasize comparisons of the tectonic and magmatic processes associated with the Mesozoic to Tertiary evolution of the western continental margins of the Americas from Patagonia to Alaska. Discussions of processes, comparisons of active and fossil systems, and site-specific studies along the entire margin of the Americas are actively encouraged. Optional field trips before, during, and after the meetings will explore and highlight these themes.

Underrepresented minorities, women, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to participate.

Ridge Collision Shallow Subduction Plateau Uplift
The Ridge Collision theme is intended to explore triple junction interactions and the consequences of subduction of active oceanic spreading ridges at subduction zone margins. Another focus will be subduction of passive ridges and the effects of forearc subduction erosion along continental margins. The Shallow Subduction theme is intended to explore the processes and consequences of periods of near subhorizontal subduction of oceanic crust beneath continents, the processes associated with shallowing and steepening of these subduction zones, and the factors causing changes in the dip of the subducting slab. The Plateau and Cordillera Uplift theme is intended to address the plate tectonic circumstances, lithospheric geodynamics, and surface feedback mechanisms that lead to the uplift and collapse of high plateaus and Cordilleran type uplifts.
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