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GSA Today > Volume 8 (1998) Science Articles and Presidential Address
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GSA Today - Vol. 8, 1998
Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
If the Strong Crust Leads, Will the Weak Crust Follow?
Gary J. Axen, Jane Selverstone, Timothy Byrne, and John M. Fletcher
November Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Gas Hydrates: Greenhouse Nightmare? Energy Panacea or Pipe Dream?
Bilal U. Haq
October Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Lithoprobe Leads to New Perspectives on Continental Evolution
Ron M. Clowes, Fred A. Cook, and John N. Ludden
September Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
A New Look at Evolutionary Rates in Deep Time: Uniting Paleontology and High-Precision Geochronology
Samuel A. Bowring amd Douglas H. Erwin
August Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Slope Failure and Shoreline Retreat During Northern California's Latest El Niño
El Niño Response Group: S.H. Cannon, S.D. Ellen, S.E. Graham, R.W. Graymer, M.A. Hampton, J.W. Hillhouse, D.G. Howell, A.S. Jayko, R.L. LaHusen, K.R. Lajoie, R.J. Pike (lead compiler/editor), D.W. Ramsey, M.E. Reid, B.M. Richmond, W.Z. Savage, C.M. Wentworth, and R.C. Wilson
July Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Probing the Archean and Proterozoic Lithosphere of Western North America
Deep Probe Working Group: Timothy J. Henstock, Alan Levander, Catherine M. Snelson, G. Randy Keller, Kate C. Miller, Steven H. Harder, Andrew R. Gorman, Ron M. Clowes, Michael J.A. Burianyk, and Eugene D. Humphreys
June 1998 Annual Meeting Issue — No Science Article
Meeting held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 26–29 October: Assembly of a Continent
May Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Comings and Goings of Global Glaciations on a Neoproterozoic Tropical Platform in Namibia
Paul F. Hoffman, Alan J. Kaufman, and Galen P. Halverson
April Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Antarctic Neogene Landscapes—In the Refrigerator or in the Deep Freeze?
Molly F. Miller and Mark C.G. Mabin

Presidential Address:  Presidential Address - PDF
Deep Mantle Plumes and Geoscience Vision
George A. Thompson
March Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Changing Magma Conditions and Ascent Rates during the Soufriere Hills Eruption on Montserrat
M.J. Rutherford, J.D. Devine, and J. Barclay
February Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
The Ediacara Biota: A Terminal Neoproterozoic Experiment in the Evolution of Life
Guy M. Narbonne
January Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Environmental Change, Geoindicators, and the Autonomy of Nature
Antony R. Berger