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GSA Today > Volume 5 (1995) Science Articles and Presidential Address
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GSA Today - Vol. 5, 1995
Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Seismic images of the core-mantle boundary
Michael E. Wysession
November Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Evidence of collisional processes associated with ophiolite obduction in the eastern Mediterranean: Results from Ocean Drilling Program Leg 160
Leg 160 Co-Chief Scientists: A.H.F. Robertson and K.-C. Emeis; Staff Scientist: C. Ricther; Scientific Participants: M.-M. Blanc-Valleron, I. Bouloubassi, H.-J. Brumsack, A. Cramp,
G.J. DeLange, E. DiStefano, R. Flecker, E. Frankel, M.W. Howell, T.R. Janecek, M.-J. Jurado-Rodriguez, A.E.S. Kemp, I. Koizumi, A. Kopf, C.O. Major, Y. Mart, D.F.C. Pribnow, A. Rabaute,
A.P. Roberts, J.H. Rüllkotter, T. Sakamoto, S. Spezzaferri, T.S. Staerker, J.S. Stoner, B.M. Whiting, and J.M. Woodside
October Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
The record of terrestrial impact cratering
Richard Grieve, James Rupert, Janice Smith, and Ann Therriault
September Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Surprise endings to the catastrophism and controversy on the Columbia
Vic Baker
August Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
The 1995 Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe), Japan, earthquake
Thomas L. Holzer
July Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Normal-mode splitting observations from the Great 1994 Bolivia and Kuril Islands earthquakes: Constraints on the structure of the mantle and inner core
Jeroen Tromp
June 1995 Annual Meeting Issue — No Science Article
Meeting held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 6–9 November: Bridging the Gulf
May Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Chasing the paleomonsoon over China: Its magnetic proxy record
Subir K. Banerjee
April Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
DDM-SVF: A prototype dynamic digital map of the Springerville Volcanic Field, Arizona
Christopher D. Condit
March Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Late Devonian oceanic anoxic events and biotic crises: "Rooted" in the evolution of vascular land plants?
Thomas J. Algeo, Robert A. Berner, J. Barry Maynard, and Stephen E. Scheckler
February Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Farthest north: Ocean drilling in the Arctic gateway region
Leg 151 Co-chief Scientists: Annik Myhre and Jörn Thiede; Staff Scientist: John Firth; Shipboard Scientific Party: Naokazu Ahagon, Kevin Black, Jan Bloemendal, Garrett Brass, James Bristow, Nancy Chow, Michel Cremer, Linda Davis, Benjamin Flower, Torben Fronval, Julie Hood, Donna Hull, Nalan Koç, Birger Larsen, Mitchell Lyle, Jerry McManus, Suzanne O'Connell, Lisa Osterman, Frank Rack, Tokiyuki Sato, Reed Scherer, Dorothee Spiegler, Ruediger Stein, Mark Tadross, Stephen Wells, David Williamson, Bill Witte, and Thomas Wolf-Welling
January Science Article:  Science Article - PDF
Stability or instability of Antarctic ice sheets during warm climates of the Pliocene?
James P. Kennett and David A. Hodell