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Volume 21, Issue 8
(August 2011)

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Science Article:

Understanding Earth’s eroding surface with 10Be

Eric W. Portenga, Paul R. Bierman



Revisiting the Geoscience Concept Inventory: A call to the community

J.C. Libarkin, E.M.G. Ward, S.W. Anderson, G. Kortemeyer, S.P. Raeburn


Also in this issue…


See PDF Full-issue PDF (3.8MB) for the following articles.

12 - ROCK STARS: Johannes Walther (1860–1937): More than the Law of Facies Correlation

14 - Go EarthTrek!

16 - 2011 GSA Section Meeting Mentor Program Highlights

18 - 2010–2011 GSA-USGS Congressional Science Fellow Report: Interesting Times—Part 2

19 - 2011–2012 GSA-USGS Congressional Science Fellow Named

20 - GSA Foundation Update

22 - 2011 GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition Lunchtime Lecture Highlights

23 - 2011 GSA Annual Meeting & Exposition Presidential Address & Awards Ceremony

25 - Classified Advertising

26 - Groundwork: Revisiting the Geoscience Concept Inventory: A Call to the Community



On p. 12 of the July 2011 GSA Today, the affiliation for newly elected GSA Fellow R. Laurence Davis was listed as the College of Mt. St. Joseph; however, R.L. Davis is at the University of New Haven. GSA Today regrets this error.



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